2005 update : Apparently, with Dean Clarrain now working with Peter Laird on some of the new issues of the current "Tales of the TMNT" series he has had enough influence to impress upon Laird and Mirage the need to do "The Forever War" story arc for the Archie TMNT universe, which would have been the final TMNT storyline for the Archie comics series but was cancelled before he could tell it. We can possibly expect this "The Forever War" mini-series sometime in 2006, coming out under the Mirage Publishing label.

The Pilot Mini-SeriesKicking off the Regular Series"The Early Years" - the End of the Beginning is the EndHot on the heels of the success of the syndicated TMNT cartoon that debuted in 1987, the licensed Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic series hit the stands with the first issue of a 3 part mini-series in 1988. The regular series premiered in 1989, which lasted until 1995 for 72 issues. Its cancellation was followed by another 3 part mini-series called "Year of the Turtle" the same year, though it would be the final TMNT comic Archie Comics would publish.

The TMNT in actionThe series began by adapting already-existing TMNT cartoon episodes into comic book form. This trend stopped at #4, and every comic beyond that was original. As differences began to develop between the origins of certain characters in the TMNT Adventures and the cartoon, the TMNT Adventures was declared to be in a TMNT universe separate from the cartoon (though extremely similar).

"The Final Conflict" - TMNT vs. the spawn of MalignaThe comic lived up to its name. Going on various adventures through all regions of the world, and even across the expanse of space, the Turtles went through a great many ordeals, encountering enemies such as the insectoid queen, Maligna, the corrupt businessman named Null, and an assortment of mutated villains. In "The Final Conflict" arc, the Turtles dueled the minions of Maligna in a quest for the Turnstone (a stone of awesome properties) on another world, emerging triumphant and beating Shredder, Krang, and Bebop & Rocksteady at their own game. The new characters that popped up were interesting and welcome. One character, Ninjara (a humanoid fox), became more than friends with Raphael. Other noteworthy arcs, like "The Black Hole Trilogy" and "The Early Years" explored the future and past of the Turtles.

Peace with Shredder

The Mighty MutanimalsThe TMNT Adventures had a number of spin-off mini-series and specials, most notably "The Mighty Mutanimals" and the April O’Neil minis.

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