Non-personal TMNT Sites. . .

The Official TMNT Website
The website for the official word on the TMNT Empire. Maintained by Mirage vet Dan Berger (who wrote, pencilled, and inked TMNT #45, among other projects) & Molly Bode (wife of Mark Bode, who drew #18, #32, and "Times Pipeline," and many more).
Gutwallow The website of Dan Berger, co-maintainer of the Official TMNT Website.
Words & Pictures, The Comic Book Art Museum The official site for the Words & Pictures Museum in Northampton (closing in June, 99). Founded by Kevin Eastman, the museum is dedicated to presenting comics as an art form.
TMNT Ring of Green Homepage Have a TMNT web page you want show to the world via webring? Go here and sign up.
The TMNT-L Home Page The homepage of the TMNT-l mailing list.
TMNT-L's Second Home From Dora Mouse and LTree comes a fanfiction masterlist and other miscellani.
#TMNT Home Page A new page for the TMNT IRC chat room on DALnet.
Jagwar's #TMNT IRC Channel Home Page A stagnated site about the #tmnt channel.
WWF Grudge Match - TMNT vs. MMPR A poll on TMNT versus the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
Roger Ebert Review of TMNT | II | A review of the first two TMNT movies from one of the most well known critics out there.
Altered Earth Arts A.C. Farley and Michael Dooney's amazing work can be seen here.
Muppet Productions Index - Chronological Here you can find who did the puppeteering in each of the TMNT movies, as well as other Muppet Productions.


Personal TMNT Sites. . .

Anna-Karin Larsson's TMNT Page Artwork & fanfiction on display.
Auzzie's Shellshock Page A chat room, NT:TNM info, and other bits.
A Very Unofficial TMNT Sight A basic place for information on the TMNT.
Bonesteel's Bag of Badness A villain-oriented site on NT:TNM.
Ninja Turtles Multimedia Headquarters It's just that.
Cherubae's Dimension A ton of info on the video games, NT:TNM, and more.
Dawnatello's TMNT Home Page A website with plenty of areas to see, on almost all aspects of the TMNT.
Dimension X Home of the Dimension X Award. Cartoon info can be found here.
Donatello's Web Page Info on TMNT in general, and plenty on NT:TNM. Also, the petition to bring back NT:TNM can be found here.
DTMNT Emulator An emulator to play the original TMNT arcade game on your PC.
Erica-tello's Home Page Another nice looking page. Fanfics, poetry and all sorts of cool stuff on the Turtles.
Grit's Ninja Rap, Vanilla Ice Page A page actually dedicated to the Vanilla Ice "Ninja Rap" song from TMNT II.
GreenWillow's TMNT Lair New TMNT page with fan fiction.
HorseTurtle's TMNT Lair Horses, Turtles, pizza, and Teenage Mutant Equestrian Turtles? Only here.
Joe Kramer's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Homepage Comics, news, and a fanfic game can be found here.
KC & Samus's Totally Tubular TMNT Site A site focusing solely on the TMNT cartoon.
Kelly's TMNT World Humorous growing TMNT website
Kim Garvin's Web Site Fanfics and outstanding TMNT art.
Micansana's Lil Ol' Page Fanfiction, character profiles, and art.
Michaelangelo/Roseangelo's TMNT Page A site with cartoon and movie info.
The Mighty Mutanimals Page Site dedicated to the Mighty Mutanimals of Archie Comics fame.
Tnamic's Mighty Mutanimals Homepage Another site dedicated to the Mighty Mutanimals.
Mikey's TMNT Page A growing personal site.
MrLee2U Homepage O'Links Links to a couple of fanfics and a list of links on martial arts.
Mutant Marvels Growing, comprehensive site.
Myths & TMNT Myths and a fanfic.
The Nation of Ninja Turtles A comprehensive TMNT site. Info on most everything, including the action figures.
Ninjatron's SykoGrafix Excellent TMNT artwork and more.
Raph & Leo Salute the Golden Undies Um...
Renet's Home Page A site all about the time traveling mistress from the original Mirage comic series.
Savanti Romero's TMNT Archive A huge online archive of TMNT memorabilia. Comics, games, sound files and movies.
The Sewer Den Another web site with many areas that are TMNT related to look through.
Shades of Green The artwork alone is worth a look.
Splinter's Home Page A web page for the sensei of the TMNT.
The Sporker Page! Talk on the mascot of TMNT-L.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Madness Foreign TMNT comic covers found here.
TMNT Headbanger TMNT site mostly in Japanese.
TMNT: Yet Another Unofficial Page Growing TMNT site w/fanfiction & profiles.
TMNT Tributes High quality TMNT & other artwork.
Venus De Milo's "All the Good Ones End in O... STILL" NT:TNM Page A web page devoted to the new series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, by the newest member, Venus DeMilo.
The Turtles' Lair A comprehensive TMNT site.
Under Manhattan One of (by far) the best TMNT sites on the web. A must-see.


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