Word to your motherThe Turtles also formed their own rock band and toured the country, playing music for all to hear. Of course, they did have a little interference from the Shredder, but in the end, they defeated him, and their music prevailed. To the left is a picture from the band's "Coming Out of Their Shells" tour back in 1991 at the Universal Amphitheatre.

Millions of tapes were sold from their "Coming Out of Their Shells Tour" and "Getting Down in Your Town." They have also made videos of their live concerts and music videos. They once appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to perform and be interviewed. Their records even went platinum.


Wait till Splinter hears about this...The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in their cartoon/Archie Comics incarnation) have made several special appearances at many major functions. They have appeared at the Words and Pictures Museum in Northampton, Massachusetts, at comic conventions, special promotions and parties, and on commercials, such as those for the Metro Blue Line train in California.

The Ninja Turtles have also made special appearances at Disney Land (pictured here, along with April O'Neil) and several other tourist places, such as the MGM studios.

"C'mon, dude, high five!"With the popularity of the then-new Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation show, the Turtles made a guest appearance at Sea World in San Diego, California in October of 1997.

They later put on a show at Sea World, along with some of the other Fox Kids characters including the Power Rangers and the Beetleborgs.


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