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A LOOK AT THE MILKY WAY GALAXY ( TMNT : Guide to the Universe )


DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency)("Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency") A discreet branch of the CIA operating chiefly out of Nevada, one that particularly deals in matters of the otherworldly and the heightening of mental power. DARPA captured one of the three Triceratons that were transported to Earth from a Triceraton battle arena trillions of light years away (TMNT Vol. 1, #6 & 7). A DARPA base in Nevada was infiltrated by Dr. Baxter Stockman. Taking out the guards posted there, the scientist used the base’s materials and tools to transfer his brain into a robotic body, making himself a cyborg (TMNT Vol. 2, #2 & 3). When Raphael turned up missing in a confrontation with the cyborg Baxter Stockman, Louis Braunze, a former member of DARPA in the 1950’s, revealed that DARPA was behind it. Leading the Turtles to Nevada, they freed Raphael from a DARPA base, teamed with the treacherous Triceraton that was being held there as well, then had to stop the approaching Triceraton ship that was moments away from crashing into the surface of Earth (TMNT Vol. 2, #9 - 13).

NOTE : DARPA is incorrectly noted in TMNT Vol. 2, #2 to stand for "Defense And Research Projects Administration." DARPA really exists.


The Human FederationThe "Federat," as it is often called, controls a huge volume of the galaxy. In cubic light years human space is actually greater than the Triceratons. In terms of actual stars and planets humanity controls is less than a fifth of Triceraton numbers, because human space is father from the crowded galactic hub. Humans call their government a "Federation," a name which fits as well as "Republic" on the Triceraton domain. Any remains of a political system that encouraged political participation have been obliterated by the military council. Generals have taken the place of planetary presidents and governors. And military law is now the only law. It was the war with the Triceraton Republic that started the militarys rise to power. Gradually, as more and more attention was focused on the war and war production, the political government was transformed into a military one. What remains of the government in the Human Federation is little other than the law of the gun. As a race, humanity is younger, weaker, less experiences and technologically inferior to the Triceratons. Still, where Triceratons must steal their advanced science from ruins and other races, humans have the ingenuity to make advances of their own. And, though the military government of the Human Federation is every bit as autocratic and unprincipled as the Triceratons, humans are willing to make alliances when it is convenient. This attitude of treating every power as a potential ally has paid off very well for the Federat. Not only are the non-Triceraton borders secure, but certain other interstellar governments are joining the attack on the Triceratons. In addition, the Federation is able to buy advanced spaceships, toids (robots), and weapons from some of the more exotic neighboring civilizations. Aliens are largely ignored in the Human Federation. Although they outnumber the humans by about 30 to 1 (not counting DAnts, which would make it about 3000 to 1), the aliens are not considered "citizens," only "residents." However, the aliens are not badly treated. Other than taxes, and the occasional unjust arrest, there are really no disadvantages for aliens. Virtually any kind of intelligent alien can be found on a Federation world. It is unknown what connection there is between the humans of the Human Federation and the identical humans of Earth, which is a considerable distance away from Human Federation space. General Blanque, in charge of the Federation military on the planet Dhoonib, in the Sidayon System of Federation territory, had his troopers chase down the Turtles and the Fugitoid, in an effort to gain the secret of the Transmat device that could be used against the Triceraton Republic (TMNT Vol. 1, #5).


The Foot ClanAn organized criminal syndicate originating in Japans feudal period, dealing in drug smuggling, arms running, and assassinations. The "Foot" spread over the world, establishing bases of operation in major cities. As with most ninja clans, the Foot is a very secretive society and not much is known about their initiation rites or organizational structure. In the late twentieth century they were ruled by a Council of Eight headed by "The Faceless One" (later Karai) in Japan. The Foot is unlike the traditional ninja clan in that it has thoroughly adapted itself to 20th century civilization. Its members are not adverse to using modem, high-tech weaponry and surveillance devices in addition to their time-honored techniques of ninjitsu. It is said that the "Foot" gained its clan name from the style of fighting they preferred, one which used extensive kicks and other leg and foot strikes. Roughly 10,000 Ninjas are members of the "Foot." The New York membership runs about 600. The Foot also uses street gangs like the Purple Dragons as pawns and informants in their network of crime. It was formed sometime after or in 1373 A.D. when two ronin Japanese members of the Gosei Samurai Clan, Oshi and Sato, became inspired by the Turtles (particularly Raphael) when they had time-travelled with Renet to that era to stop Savanti Romeros latest scheme (TMNT Vol. 1, #46 & 47). When it was decided that the Foot Clan would develop a new branch in New York, Oroku Saki was handed this mission. In less than a year, Saki had the New York Foot up and running, now using the persona of "The Shredder." The Foot operated in the shadows profitably and successfully for many years under Sakis leadership until the Turtles slew Shredder in a rooftop duel (TMNT Vol. 1, #1). The Foot immediately put their scientific knowledge and advanced technology to use, developing a technique that utilized worms that could feed off of a persons remains, come together, and reform as the person they each ingested. It was through this technique that Oroku Saki, their fallen leader, was reborn. Three years later the Foot fell into complete disarray following the second death of Shredder (TMNT Vol. 1, #21). No longer united under a leader, they split into warring clans, Shredders elite Foot forming their own. It wasnt until Karai, the current leader of the Japan Foot, came to New York to quell this conflict that it subsided. Though her task of reunifying the New York Foot had to involve calling on the Turtles (in an alliance) to dispatch the vengeance-driven elite Foot, she succeeded (TMNT Vol. 1, #45, 50 - 62). Currently there is much conflict in both the Japan and New York Foot, and Karai is missing and feared dead (TMNT Vol. 3, #7). The entire ruling council of the NY Foot Clan was gunned down in their headquarters by a group of Antoine Puzorellis hitmen in retaliation for the loss of Puzorellis granddaughter, Shadow, whom Michaelangelo earlier rescued. In the midst of the massacre, Raphael assumed the mantle of the Shredder, donning the armor of Oroku Saki. He then swore to help rebuild the Foot. (TMNT Vol. 3, #12 - 14). When Raphael returned to his Foot Clan lair in an Oriental theater later, after being confronted by Japan Foot and another claimant to the mantle of the Shredder, Pimiko, accompanied by her father's Shredder Elite who swore allegiance to her now, was told by two nameless members of the Council of Five who quickly fought him into submission that Karai "no longer even sits on, much less leads, the Council of Five. She made a great mistake and lost much face." It is unknown what her true fate is, but at this point the leadership of the Council of Five, and subsequently leadership of the Japan Foot Clan, apparently rested solely within the Council of Five itself. It is not known why or when the Council of Eight was reduced to the Council of Five, but it was assumedly considered the Council of Six when Karai led the Japan Foot. Raphael quickly defeats Pimiko but refuses to kill her against the Council's wishes, instead cutting off her ponytail and proclaiming victory. Under the two present members of the Council of Five, the Foot turn against both Pimiko and Raphael, turning the two former enemies into friends as they took on not only the Foot and Elite Foot present and Cheng, but "Lady Shredder," a third mysterious claimant that appears to know the Turtles. When the Turtles render aid, the battle is won, though the two members of the Council of Five, Cheng, and Lady Shredder all escape (TMNT Vol. 3, #21 - 23). 


The best of the best in the New York Foot Clan; warriors trained personally by Oroku Saki and who swear allegiance to no one but him. Leonardo encountered two Shredder Elite the winter he found himself faced by the resurrected Shredder and managed to slay one of them before falling into a trap (Leonardo special). Over a year later, when the Turtles invaded the Shredders Hudson Block headquarters, Leonardo slew four more before going on to defeat Oroku Saki for the second and final time. The four Elite had, however, nearly killed Raphael before Leonardo intervened (TMNT Vol. 1, #21). Following the death of Oroku Saki, the New York Foot Clan dispersed into warring factions. The Shredder Elite allied themselves with none of them, being honor bound to avenge their master and slay the Turtles. Soon the Shredder Elite joined the fighting, openly slaying Foot Soldiers. When Karai, leader of the Japan Foot, came to New York to quell the troubles and reintegrate the Shredder Elite, they reacted with extreme prejudice, forcing her to call upon the assistance of the Foot Clans former enemies, the Turtles. The Elite then slew Karais daughter. Upon the promise of peace were they to help, the Turtles managed to take out the Elite with Karais help, though two comitted seppuku. In the final battle against the last of the Shredder Elite, Karai disguised herself as Shredder to confuse them. Leonardo killed the last Elite, finally sealing the truce between the Foot Clan and his brothers (TMNT Vol. 1, #50 - 61). Years later, to infiltrate the headquarters of the new Shredder, Raphael, the other Turtles took out two Shredder Elite and disguised themselves in their clothing. The Elite in question had evidently pledged allegiance to Raphael when he became the Shredder, though Raphael was unaware of them (TMNT Vol. 3, #16). It then seemed the Elite had pledged allegiance to a different claimant to leader of the New York Foot, possibly Pimiko, the daughter of Oroku Saki (TMNT Vol. 3, #18). With the impartial support of two members of the Japan Foot Clan's ruling Council of Five, she appeared before Raphael with her now-clearly loyal Shredder Elite, proclaiming her birthright as the heir to the mantle of the Shredder, issuing a challenge (TMNT Vol. 3, #20 & 21). The last of the Shredder Elite were killed off by Pimiko (TMNT Vol. 3, #23).


KunoichiFemale ninja warriors in the employment of Go-Komodo. The kunoichi led a secondary invasion of the Turtles’ sewer home (hired cyborgs led the first) to capture both Splinter and Donatello (though Don later escaped) (TMNT Vol. 3, #1 & 2). Oroku Pimiko led Komodo’s kunoichi until she turned against Komodo when he was about to have Splinter killed, as she wanted the chance to personally kill Splinter (TMNT Vol. 3, #5).


MermenRhannaA race of near-extinct, intelligent, humanoid fish people. The Turtles first encountered their kind when, after a raft trip, they discovered a female of the mermen race (a mermaid?) dying of radiation sickness crawling to shore. They attempted to help her, but she died nonetheless. The matter was complicated when four mermen, thinking the Turtles to be her murderer, appeared and fought them. They eventually relented and took the body of the female merman back into the sea (TMNT Vol. 1, #29). When exploring the sewers a considerable amount of time later, Leonardo found himself ambushed by another female merman, Rhanna. Knocked unconscious and embedded into the wall, Leonardo was nearly fed to Rhannas gigantic turtle companion, the Terrorpin. He managed to subdue Terrorpin, then discovering Terrorpins lair, an egg within it. Both the Terrorpin and Rhanna were slain in the end, though Rhanna managed to protect the Terrorpins egg (TMNT Vol. 2, #4 & 5).


TCRI (Techno-Cosmic Research Institute)(Techno-Cosmic Research Institute) Dummy corporation in New York that was a front for the Utroms true purpose: the construction of a Transmat Device that would allow them to transport back to their homeworld. (See Utroms)


TriceratonsIn the minds of their neighbors, they are really an empire that covers the entire central region of the Milky Way Galaxy, a huge interstellar domain. They are saurian creatures, possibly genetically similar to the Earth species of dinosaur, the Triceratops. Tough and aggressive, they are entirely herbivorous (plant eating), and have a high sense of loyalty to their race. Part of the reason for the Triceratons aggressiveness stems from a cosmological phenomenon occurring in the heart of their region of space. There is a region of destructiveness that is gradually spreading out from the hub of our galactic spiral. The exact cause of this stellar disaster is not known. The Triceratons deny any problem and laugh off the idea of a killer Black Hole. However, many stars in the region have gone nova, and there are accounts of refugees arriving at the outer Triceraton worlds. The best evidence of the galactic holocaust are the Triceratons asteroid homeworlds. Hugh asteroids are outfitted with gigantic ion drives and become mobile cities and military staging grounds for the expanding Triceraton empire. Special asteroids are dedicated to factories, universities, research centers, and even arens for sporting and gladitorial events. The Triceraton Republic is now engaged in an ongoing conflict with the Human Federation ("Federat"). A border region consisting of thousands of square light years has each side jockeying for position. Currently, the open warfare has subsided, as both sides continue searching for a weakness or a weapon to solve the impasse. There are many reasons for the success of the Triceratons. First is their eagerness to adopt new technology, and their willingness to change their tactics accordingly. A specific technological strengths that the Triceratons have exploited thoroughly is their atmospheric adaptability that allows them to self-mutagenically breathe otherwise unsuitable air. Some Triceraton agents take Xemorene, a highly addictive stimulative drug that increases speed and efficiency of the nervous system, the withdrawl effects leading to heart failure and death. In the aftermath of the Turtles accidental transportation to Triceraton space (during which time the Turtles competed in a combat tournament against four Triceratons in a "Tri-Sports" bout, then took the Triceratons Prime Leader hostage) upon their breaking into the TCRI building, three were accidentally transported along with the Turtles back to Earth (TMNT Vol. 1, #6 & 7). While one of them was captured by DARPA (TMNT Vol. 2, #9 - 13), and another, Zog, went into hiding in the sewers until Raphael discovered him prior to the Turtles second confrontation with Shredder (TMNT Vol. 1, #19 & 20), the third transported Triceraton remains unaccounted for. After their accidental sojourn into Triceraton space and Dhoonib, the Turtles were invited back to the TCRI homeworld, where they were reunited with Fugitoid. Almost immediately after they arrived, Gavat-4 Station, an outpost that had a Transmat link directly to the Utrom homeworld, fell under heavy Triceraton attack. The Turtles agreed to help them, transporting themselves to the station and self-destructing it (TMNT: Guide to the Universe, Shell Shock). When the Turtles persued DARPA in search of their brother, Raphael, missing after a conflict with a then-cyborg Dr. Baxter Stockman, they soon found themselves facing a Triceraton invasion in Nevada. The cityship that made up the invasion force (it followed the Turtles transportation signal from when they were accidentally transported there), falling apart from its long space voyage from Triceraton space, attempted to ram and decimate the Earth by slingshooting around the sun and engaging full Impulse Speed. This attempt, however, was presumably stopped by Louis Braunzes extraterrestrial-captured "inter-phasic cannon," which he planned to use to move the Triceraton cityship out of phase, causing it to then harmlessly pass through Earths outer crust and re-solidify in the molten core, vaporizing the gigantic vessel (TMNT Vol. 2, #13). During his three year stay in the sewers, the Triceraton Zog had evidently begun construction of a Triceraton aircar that Donatello would later discover and complete, then remodel (TMNT Vol. 3, #2 & 10). Eight Triceratons Transmatted to Earth when Leatherhead and his Utrom friend Dr. X tested their second attempt to build a working Transmat Device to get him "home" to the Utrom homeworld on Leonardo. The Triceratons had been looking for the Turtles for some time, and seized the opportunity to send a commando led by Captain Zak. Leonardo nearly killed one of the eight Triceratons with their own firearms, though Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Leatherhead, and Dr. X had to escape from harm's way. Lured by the homing beacon sent from the Turtles' aircar, Captain Zak has one of his Triceraton commandos translocate to the signal, appearing directly on top of the aircar as Donatello unsuspectingly pilots it home with Horridus/Sara. The Turtles managed to fight the Triceraton invasion to its climax, with the invaluable help and savage force of Leatherhead, who, along with the last Triceraton standing, was transmatted away to parts unknown (TMNT Vol. 3, #19 - 21).


An UtromUtromsThe aliens who run the mysterious facility known as the Techno-Cosmic Research Institute (TCRI) in New York are highly intelligent, short, brain-like creatures whose natural means of mobility is by the stubby cilia on their undersides. On Earth, they used humanoid robot bodies to get around with more ease and with which to interact with the human population. The aliens fit into the abdominal cavities of these robots and control them from there. Masters of robotics, the Utroms have developed a variety of "walkers" to increase their strength and speed. The humanoid form is gradually replacing the older, more traditional Utrom quadruped robot. There are also specialized robot forms for the heavy construction and for precision technical work. Their Utroms are reclusive by galactic standards. Their combination of pacifism and devotion to scientific research has kept them out of the mainstream of civilization. They have explored and colonized over a large volume of space, but always abandon their possessions rather than risk exposure to more aggressive races. Within the last hundred years or so they have been pressured by the expanding Triceraton Republic, and have retreated from many of their colonies and outposts. The aliens are not hostile and are repulsed by the idea of injuring any living being. To deliberately kill an intelligent creature is totally beyond them. A craft carrying a hundred Utroms was sent to Earth as an expedition to observe the planet and its dominant life forms, though a critical malfunction in its drive system upon entering its atmosphere caused it to crash land, nearly destroying it and killing two thirds of the crew. These Utroms had been stranded on Earth for thirty years and only in the last two decades had human science and technology progressed to the point where it was advanced enough for the aliens to utilize it in making the Transmat device which they used to return them to their homeworld (TMNT Vol. 1, #7). As a young alligator that found its way into the sewers, Leatherhead was found and taken in by TCRI Utroms. In the TCRI building he was accidentally exposed to the same mutagenic compound that mutated the Turtles, causing him to become sentient and grow to an enormous size. When the TCRI self-destructed their building when their presence became discovered, Leatherhead was left homeless and alone (Tales of the TMNT #6). It was one of their canisters of waste material (being shipped by truck to a disposal site) that accidentally started the Turtles mutation. The glowing ooze that the baby Turtles crawled around in was actually a mutagenic microbial agent, a by-product of one of the aliens experiments at producing organic circuitry. Fifteen years after their mutation, the Turtles stumbled onto the TCRI building, immediately remembering the insignia from the broken container Splinter had shown them. Going inside, they found their master held in stasis by the Utroms. Thinking him dead, they assault the Utroms, accidentally activating their Transmat Device and warping themselves trillions of light years away to the planet Dhoonib. A while later the Utroms were able to transport the Turtles back, though they unwittingly brought three Triceratons with them. After dealing with the Triceratons, SWAT teams were preparing to invade the building. Setting the Transmat Device to self-destruct after it transported them to their homeworld, the Utroms escaped. The Turtles, having no choice, followed afterward. From the Utrom homeworld the Turtles were transported directly into their New York home (TMNT Vol. 1, #4 - 7). A short time afterward the Turtles were invited back to the TCRI homeworld, where they were reunited with Fugitoid. Almost immediately after they arrived, Gavat-4 Station, an outpost that had a Transmat link directly to the Utrom homeworld, fell under heavy Triceraton attack. The Turtles agreed to help them, transporting themselves to the station and self-destructing it (TMNT: Guide to the Universe, Shell Shock). When the TCRI building had self-destructed, one of the Utroms, Dr. X, didn't make it to the Transmat Device in time and was left behind in the wreckage of the building. Leatherhead found Dr. X and looked after him in the following years. Dr. X met Leonardo and Michaelangelo prior to the testing of Leatherhead's second Transmat Device that led to a second Triceraton invasion (TMNT Vol. 3, #19). Dr. X presumably helped Leatherhead construct his two Transmat Devices, though was not seen when Leatherhead recruited members of the Foot and the Turtles to finish up the first Transmat Device he created (TMNT Vol. 1, #45, TMNT Vol. 3, #19). Dr. X, with Donatello's help, constructs an android exoskeleton for himself (TMNT Vol. 3, #23).


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