February, the year 2681.

It has been a little over nine months since the end of the Cynium Campaign (nicknamed "King of the Mountain") and the signing of the Treaty of McAuliffe that brought the Second Kilrathi War to a victorious conclusion. In the year afterwards, the collective Terran Confederation Fleet has incorporated numerous changes in its inventory, but the fact still remained that the Fleet was facing peacetime service. New ships and new people came into the Fleet, a new breed of people ready to do war... only there wasn’t a war to be fought. Rules and regulations slackened, people began to enjoy and cherish the hard-won era of peace. No one trained for war anymore. Everyone thought that it was really over for good.

A surprised alien invasion originating from a wormhole gateway in the Kilrah System had systematically destroyed all surrounding territory around Kilrah. Systems of the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans, Union of Border Worlds, and Confed territories were equally systematically destroyed by these Aliens (known only by their TCIS codename, "Nephilim," stemming from the Hebrew legend) with the same ruthless efficiency until the efforts of one Border Worlder admiral's Combined Fleet (of both UBW and ConFleet ships) intervened during the "Holding The Line"/HTL Campaign. It was then the TCS Midway, on what was to be her shakedown cruise, fulfilled her task to handle this Alien threat by cutting them off at the source. Using skill, ingenuity, and the help of a few elite fighter pilots, the Alien portal was destroyed in the Kilrah System and their incursion into known space ceased.

They thought it was over.

They thought they were gone.

They thought they won.

They thought wrong.

For the time being the Alien threat was over; the TCS Midway proudly returns back to the Sol System for what is to be a victorious celebration. Everyone was grateful at the conclusion of the hard fought, yet short Alien debacle.

Little do the men and women in charge within the Terran Confederation know that another even greater threat is starting to brew throughout the frontiers and through our very homeworlds. . .



“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
- Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn


The Complete MTV and HTL Aces PBM Chronology