: “ Prologue - The Beginning of the End ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

On February 16th of the year 2681 (2681.047) as well as the 19th and 21st, the Confederation's TCS Devonshire comes under a mysterious attack in the Oberan System.

: “ Involuntary Recall ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

On February 23rd, Lieutenant Colonel Nick "Psychopath" Huynh, formerly of the Concordia-class TCS Invincible (CV-45), is recalled to active duty while in retirement on Gemini's Absinthe Starbase.

: “ Assault and Assistance ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh & Alex "Ninja" Crisologo

On January 23rd, February 25th, and 26th, after Ymir Air Defense Base falls under heavy attack the Seventh Fleet begins planning the evacuation of Border Worlds systems hit hard by the Nephilim threat.

: “ Rebirth, Reunion, and Repentance ”
Written by Shaun "Viper" Upton

On February 25th, Lieutenant Colonel Shaun "Viper" Upton makes the decision to rejoin Confed, then being posted as a squadron commander to the newly commissioned Midway-class megacarrier TCS Mistral Sea (CVX-02 / CV-81).

: “ Dogs of War ”
Written by João "Kalfor" Marcelo Beraldo

Also on February 25th, the 124th "Rhino Beatles" Devastator Bombardment Squadron reports for duty on the TCS Mistral Sea.

: “ Indoctrination ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

On February 26th, Lt. Col. Huynh comes aboard the TCS Mistral Sea, where he is made squadron commander of the 46th SFS Vampire/Devastator "Death Angels" Squadron.

: “ The Young Boot Lieutenant ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

On March 2nd, TCMC Second Lieutenant Danny Roberts reflects on the events that bring him to the TCS Mistral Sea's TCMC 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

: “ Prelude to Destiny ”
Written by João "Kalfor" Marcelo Beraldo

On March 4th and 5th, the Mistral Sea moves from Gimle to McAuliffe while the New Riga colony in the Ymir System recuperates from the Nephilim incursion.

: “ Shadows on the Horizon ”
Written by Justin "Colonel Phalanx" Kugler

Set first on January 31st, then March 6th and 8th, Colonel Justin "Phalanx" Kugler of the Union of Border Worlds Space Force, veteran of the Battle of Circe, is "volunteered" into the Terran Confederation Space Force and decides whether or not to take a squadron commander position on the TCS Mistral Sea.

: “ Cleaning Up ”
Written by Alex "Ninja" Crisologo

On March 11th, the Murphy-class destroyer TCS Scimitar investigates the hulk of the TCS Devonshire, sending a detachment of Marines.

: “ Appearance of the Enemy ”
Written by Alex "Ninja" Crisologo

On March 12th in the Hell's Kitchen System, the arrival of the Nephilim enemy is awaited by the Mistral Sea Battle Group.

: “ A Gathering - New Run ”
Written by Brandon "Darksabre" McKown

On March 12th and 15th, an InSys pilot of the Cairo System is called in to head off a F/A-105 Tigershark squadron in the Seventh Fleet's 77th Task Force, currently in Kilrathi Assembly space.

: “ Night Stalking ”
Written by Robert "Greywolf" Desautels

On March 15th, the projected path of TCS Mistral Sea's battle group and Task Force 73 is cleared by the Dark Stalkers Squadron.

: “ The Speed of Pain ”
Written by Andrew "Neo" Modeen

On March 16th, the crew of the "Frankenship" Venture-class smuggler vessel FUBAR, infected by the Nephilim debris contraband they carry, attempt to return to friendly space, eluding Kilrathi Assembly authorities only to land in the hands of Vega's ISS.

: “ Preparation to Destiny ”
Written by Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

On March 17th and 18th, the TCS Mistral Sea's TCMC 24th MEU Marine division struggles itself into some semblance of battle-readiness under a hard-nosed CO, while the ship draws ever closer to the true enemy.

: “ Apocrypha, Chapter III of III ” [ THE APOCRYPHA TRILOGY ]
Written by Brandon "Avatarr" Alspaugh

On the planet Obsidian IV, a group of religious fanatics decide that the Nephilim are an impotent threat. Meanwhile, the Kilrathi also try to come to grips with the Prophecy. Part of a multi-storyline crossover trilogy.

: “ Angels of War ”
Written by
Nick "Psychopath" Huynh

Lt. Colonel Nick Huynh and the 46th SFS Vampire/Devastator "Death Angels" Squadron see action again on March 18th.

: “ Into the Cleansing Fire ”
Written by
Robert "Greywolf" Desautels

On March 19th, on the way into the Ymir System, the TCS Mistral Sea and her task force encounter some resistance.

: “ Hit the Ground Running ”
Written by
Nick "Psychopath" Huynh , Robert "Greywolf" Desautels, & Alex "Ninja" Crisologo

Also on the 19th, the Mistral Sea's Marine division see some action on the planet Ymir IV.

: “ Losing Eden ”
Written by
Alex "Ninja" Crisologo

On March 12th and then back to the 19th, the planet of Ymir IV and the New Riga colony is seen before and after the invasion and the coming of the Marines' assistance.



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