The Wing Commander Aces ClubThese are the stories I have been involved with during my time in the Wing Commander Aces Club, having joined in the summer of 1997. Please send Andrew "Neo" Modeen any comments, constructive criticism, and/or questions!

"Star Wars/Wing Commander: The Imperial March""Holding The Line"

The initial Nephilim incursion in 2681 is dealt with. The line must be held. A massive storyline created by Rajan "Raptor" Ragupathy.


"Star Wars/Wing Commander: The Imperial March""Star Wars/Wing Commander : The Imperial March"

Time and space is transcended and crossed. Thrust forth in the midst of what was to be their final stand, factions from the war-torn but vigilant Galactic Empire leads the flagship of the New Republic fleet into the Milky Way Galaxy in late 2680. The Terran Confederation, at a point in time between the Kilrathi and Nephilim wars, finds itself caught between the New Republic and Empire's decades old conflict as the TCS Midway receives its maiden voyage under Commodore Blair. Coordinated & co-written by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander: Confederation""Wing Commander : Confederation"

The year is 2416. Over two hundred years before the events of Wing Commander, Akwende Jump Drive has only recently been invented and humanity is still recovering from its conflict with the alien race known as the Yan. The Galactic Civil War, waged upon unrest from the seemingly indefinate enforcement of martial law, has been waged for close to a decade. Through the opposing eyes of Vice Admiral Frederick Tolwyn and Corporal Dawn McKenzie, this Confederacy approaches a final confrontation with the WEC and their Terran Federation counterpart while 2416.235—the day that would come to be historically remembered as "Confederation Day"—races forward. Written by Andrew Modeen and Brandon McKown.

"Wing Commander: There's Always Hope...""Wing Commander : There’s Always Hope..."

Amidst the Black Lance conflict of The Price of Freedom in 2673, Captain William Eisen embarks on a desperate mission to convince the Confederation of the Union of Border Worlds’ innocence and prevent the declaration of war Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn tries to instigate, taking command of the supercarrier TCS St. Helens on the way. A story in memory of Jason Bernard, written by Gerthein Boersma and revised by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander: From Shadow to Darkness""Wing Commander : From Shadow to Darkness"

The redemption of one pilot over his past ties to the fanatical squadron commander of "Unleashed Squadron," ex-Colonel Bruce "Missile" Tannock. An offbeat tale written by Brandon McKown & Andrew Modeen, with an opening scene by Bruce Tannock, Jr.

Also see: Wing Commander Aces Theatre 3000.

The TCS Valley ForgeCVBG-A / TCS Valley Forge series

The CVBG-A/TCS Valley Forge websiteWritten by Jason "Dundradal" McHale, Daniel "Bugfix" Klette, Alan "Wolf" de Souza Cardoso, Nathan "Monolith" Johnson, Jeremy "Hollywood" Johnson, James Andrew "JAG" Greenhow, Kevin "Leeloo" Tan, Peter "WCAGuru" Birdsall, and Andrew Modeen, these are the stories of the TCS Valley Forge, a Concordia-class fleet carrier in the Third Fleet patrolling the Border Worlds, the TCS Hades, the first Hades-class quick strike cruiser, their battle group, their crews, their commanding officers, their TCMC 97th Assault Detachment, and the 71st Tactical Fighter Wing.

The TCS Valley Forge and its battle group patrol the Border Worlds in the days before, throughout, and shortly beyond the conclusion of Wing Commander : Prophecy, holding the line against the "Nephilim" threat in the Epsilon and Vega sectors. Under the command of a newly-arrived, erratic captain, the Forge, its crew, and its pilots are put to the test.


"Privateer: Beginnings""Privateer : Beginnings"

The story of Brownhair, the privateer from the original Wing Commander : Privateer game and Righteous Fire. A revised, expanded version of the story written by Kirsten Vaughan found in the Privateer manual. Revised & slightly expanded by Andrew Modeen.

"Privateer: More Human Than Human""Privateer : More Human than Human"

Late in the year 2681, the Gemini Sector privateer, AKA "Brownhair," last seen in the original Privateer and Privateer: Righteous Fire, along with his renegade Kilrathi partner, take on a mission that pits them against an enemy easily their equal, the enigmatic villain thought long dead known only as Seether. In a showdown of hunters, who becomes the hunted? And just who is Brownhair, and what is his connection to Seether? Written by Brandon McKown & Andrew Modeen from a storyline by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander: Maverick + Angel""Wing Commander : Maverick & Angel"

The story of Christopher "Maverick" Blair and Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux's relationship - spanning and drawing from the Academy cartoon in 2654, the novels, and the games to beyond 2681 - from sweet beginning... to bitter end. Written by Andrew Modeen.

"A Wing Commander Christmas""A Wing Commander Christmas"

Lance Casey comes home for Christmas after the events of Wing Commander: Prophecy and Wing Commander: Secret Ops at 2681's end, bringing Jean "Stiletto" Talvert along. A short fic by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander: Renegade""Wing Commander : Renegade"

The Nephilim War fought to an uncertain conclusion after the events of the Prophecy series, a very much alive Commodore Christopher "Maverick" Blair comes to the twilight of his career and life in the year 2684. Living in obscurity since his apparent death in 2681, fate calls him to action once again. As an all-new Secession War threatens to erupt in the Epsilon Sector in the Firekkan territories, a visit from a wingman he thought long dead, Robin "Flint" Peters, gives Blair something to fight for once more: the Firekkan Commonwealth. When friends turn and the galaxy itself becomes his enemy, Blair embarks on his final, maniacal sojourn. Written by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander/Privateer: Valhalla""Wing Commander/Privateer : Valhalla"

THE STELTEK WAR, PART 1 OF 3. Commodore Christopher Blair awakens from a cryogenic slumber 112 years after history recorded him dead in 2793, finding himself in the twenty-eighth century, three years after the events of Privateer 2: The Darkening. When the ancient Steltek begin an invasion of Terran-controlled space, Blair must team with Vell Ricaud II (AKA Lev Arris from P2) to thwart it, though the ultimate cost may be higher than expected. Written by Andrew Modeen, with a prologue by Dan Lim, Axel Cushing, and Nick Huynh.

"Wing Commander/Privateer: Purgatory""Wing Commander/Privateer : Purgatory"

Seven months after "Valhalla," Blair mysteriously awakens again, disoriented, with a blank in his mind from the time of his sacrifice against the Steltek. Seeking answers to the puzzle of his unexplained awakening, Blair seeks Vell Ricaud II’s help on a quest that takes them to the very heart of Confed, unraveling a dark plot that leads them to a war-ravaged Fourth Kilrathi Imperium. Written by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander: Trial by Fire""Wing Commander : Trial by Fire"

THE STELTEK WAR, PART 2 OF 3. Commodore Mason Tierson and one of his heralded wing commanders assigned to his Air Group, Jared "Devilbane" Davidsen, set out on the maiden voyage of their new posting: the single most massive and powerful Confederation carrier ever conceived, the omnicarrier TCS Phlegethon. They begin a covert espionage mission within the heart of the Canés Venatici Galaxy, utilizing the recent invention of Space-Folding Drive. Written by Andrew Modeen.

"Wing Commander/Privateer: Armageddon""Wing Commander/Privateer : Armageddon"

THE STELTEK WAR, PART 3 OF 3. As the Steltek Magistry moves in for the kill in mid-2795, an all-out invasion begins, every race in the Milky Way being caught in the crossfire as a desperate plan is launched to end the most brutal war the Terran Confederation, UBW, Fourth Kilrathi Imperium, Andorran Republic, and others have ever known. As General Blair leads an offensive, Vell Ricaud II and the Kindred Syndicate embarks on a mission of an unknown end result to the Galactic Core. While the conflict rages on, the shrouded past of the Steltek becomes unraveled with the entry of a second alien race. Written by Andrew Modeen and Yu Fei Leung.

"Wing Commander X: Resurgence""Wing Commander X : Resurgence" ( Under Construction )

The "Wing Commander/Privateer" series of stories continues, following the events of "Wing Commander/Privateer: Armageddon." Twenty-four years after the end of the Steltek War and destruction of Earth itself, the fragile bonds that hold together the United Galactic Federation are brought to the breaking point as a coalition of leaders take advantage of civil unrest to make an attempt to resurrect and break away the long absolved Terran Confederation and Kilrathi Imperium as an alien threat thought long extinguished resurfaces to horrific effect in 2819. The daughter of Christopher Blair, Shannon, and the son of Vell Ricaud II, Jarek, two from opposite sides of the tracks, come together and find themselves caught in the middle of what becomes a galactic power struggle, eventually being forced to choose between duty, honor, and love. Also, the return of an infamous pilot thought centuries dead... Captain Ian "Hunter" St. John. Written by Andrew Modeen and Brandon McKown.


"Wing Commander X: Darkness Ascending""Wing Commander X : Darkness Ascending"

After the events of "Resurgence," the embittered Kilrathi clans make their return to the Milky Way Galaxy as the GFS Phlegethon is brought back on-line. To be written by Brandon McKown.

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