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This is a collection of my mood, my preferences and everything I deem necessary to rant about. So, enjoy...and welcome to Brandan's Bodega!
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Finding The Balance

Posted 08-02-2009 at 05:01 AM by W.West
Updated 08-05-2009 at 07:19 PM by W.West

So randomly, it occurred to me that I'm not the jerk I thought I was. Well, it wasn't so random but unexpected...much like this post.

While listening to episode #12 of the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast, it struck me that I may come off as very negative. On the most recent episode(episode #14), I tell my fellow podcasters that I simply have a high standard for quality comics. And I still like to believe I do, and hope more people start expecting and wanting more from these creators.

But when does the yearning for more quality comics make one pessimistic? Comics are slowly but surely becoming a Wine Tasting event for me. I try many(MANY) comics from month to month, but I tend to find most average or (far) worse. I'm always hoping that my next issue of Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, or Gotham City Sirens will be the Domaine Romanée-Conti I've been dying to read/taste all year!

There are comics out there that warrant lower standards based on (my personal opinion of) the creative team involved, the genre of that comic, and history of that comic(and its characters). I like to call those my Tormentas, which is an interesting wordplay. Tormentas/Tormentors? Get it? Course you do. That's why you suffer like I suffer when reading Titans, Black Lightning: Year One or a certain UN-Wonderous Wednesday Comic.

I'm not writing this so you will look at my reviews, opinions and overall thoughts in a completely new light but instead for you to try to find that balance with me. A lot of people have the opposite problem, which of course, they do not see as a problem. Its best if you come to terms with your sub par standards now before they cause you a ton of money. Do me a favor: STOP RATING EVERY BOOK YOU READ 5 STARS!

By all means, enjoy your comics. But make sure when you're online reviewing and rating it, that you take all those things you didn't enjoy into account. Far too many books are getting 5 stars and two thumbs up when they are seriously flawed, and that's excluding continuity mind you!

Find the balance people. Ask yourself what the perfect comic should have in each issue. Before you shout your joy for the newest Green Lantern Corps issue(for example), check that list of what a perfect comic should have and then express your opinion. The same goes for people such as myself. If a comic leaves me satisfied(in a nonsexual way), then say so. Just don't spew the negative. Remind the audience that you weren't completely turned off of the issue.

Find The Balance.

Be sure to check me out on The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast, which is the official podcast of this site.

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