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Don't Lie to Me Bob Harras

Posted 11-23-2011 at 02:43 PM by W.West
Updated 11-23-2011 at 02:53 PM by W.West

Don't lie to me Bob Harras. Please don't. Today is Wednesday and I have money to spend on your comics. Don't patronize me for being loyal to your characters by lying to me in the disguise of promotion. This morning, DC Comics posted, what will surely be in the back of every book printed this week, a short "All Access" page where Bob hypes upcoming crossovers in Legion/Teen Titans and Animal Man/Swamp Thing. I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is Bob going out of his way to tell me this "steak" isn't the same damn steak he and DC Comics have been feeding me since the 1960s.

Allow me to be more specific. Bob says
So far we’ve been talking a lot about 52 different books, but it’s important to remember that all of these stories take place in the same universe. You’re going to be seeing more of that continuity as we go along. But maybe not the way you’d expect.

Not in the way I expect? AWESOME! Can't wait for innovation in a time where comics are getting more and more repetitive. Unfortunately Bob Harras must not know me very well, because he goes on to tell me EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED. Don't get me wrong here, just because a Legion/Teen Titans crossover doesn't interest me isn't the problem. The problem is that Bob expects me to believe that Legion and Teen Titans crossing over is some spectacular new and exciting thing that I should have never saw coming. I'm not a fool Bob Harras. I know a gimmick crossover when I see one. "Natural connections"? Is that the latest buzz phrase in the DC offices on Broadway Street? Who in their right mind is reading this and thinking that this shit is anything other than the same type of crossovers we got months ago when Superboy and Teen Titans were crossing over? Or Teen Titans and Red Robin?

What's more insulting than your lies Bob Harras? Its the embarrassment you should be feeling when you announce that you are reading scripts to issues six and seven to your comics and NOW you are "at the point" where these crossovers are necessary. Really? How much of a success is The New 52 if you are resorting to crossovers before most storyarcs are finished? I'm worried about you Bob. Lying is a gateway flaw. It will eventually lead you to saying ridiculous things at conventions that you will regret the moment it flies from your mouth. Help me help you Bob. Stop lying to me. This isn't anything all. Crossovers six issues into a series is embarrassing to the company, the character and most of all the writer who seemingly can't think of a story for this character without bringing in another established character.

Your lies hurt everyone Mr. Harras. Stop it. You stop that right now.
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