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Retcon Hal and Carol Needed

Posted 11-05-2011 at 11:22 PM by Evergreen City

Continuing to give thought to hapless and his on-again, off-again association &c with divorcee Carol Ferris (presuming she kept her maiden name). Since learning in vol 4 #20 that she is divorced from Gil, has been trying to work out his relationship with her. They have fought side by side throughout the Sinestro Corps wars and beyond. The ever-popular violet emoticon <<love>> appeared when SS Carol kissed him before his re-merger with Parallax during Blackest Night, and clearly it was the bond of that love which pulled him back out (begging the question, had Carol not rejected him in Vol 3 #47, would he have become Parallax in the first place?).

Bringing issues to present continuity post-Flashpoint is germane. Where their "friendship" stands now begs development. What with Carol having visions of diamond rings, having memories pumped by the ever-lovely Hector Hammond suitable for pinup photos, and (for the moment) Carol in possession of a ring of power and perhaps not, one wonders who is in charge. Just what did Carol see when she was trapped in the Book of the Black about the two of them?

The most logical approach would be for someone at DC to script a one-shot in the style of GL Vol 2 #192, giving the side of the entire story...perhaps while taking a "conventional" flight in some sort of passenger aircraft from Coast City to Gotham. This would give opportunity to reduce the relationship to present continuity and dispose of other associates like Arisia (Third Law), Rose, Olivia, Power Girl, SS Darnall, Cowgirl, and most importantly Delia Pharon (missing) and Kari Limbo (dead)--the two women of all of them who actually got as far as standing in front of the preacher.
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