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The Eternal Hunt - Issue #13

Posted 08-25-2008 at 05:43 PM by GLJIMT (The Hunt)
Updated 08-26-2008 at 01:13 AM by GLJIMT

Today in the Hunt....

my last day of vacation from work, I hit 3 Targets and 2 TRUs and still god damned nothing! They where stocking at the one Target so I'm going back tonight but jesus should it really be this hard to get some Toys that Mattel wants to sell? I mean I'm ready to buy and nothing.....

The thing that really sucks is after Wave 3 I'm pretty much done with DCUC until like Wave 7 or something.

hey good news! remember a few blogs...
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Im proudly back

Posted 08-24-2008 at 11:03 PM by the power battery (Chat inside the Central Power Battery)

As some of you may know i was banned from the site because someone hacked my acount and started asking for passwords,but its all better now. To anyone who is a fan of My blog chat inside the power battery, i am here. i'll be having new issues up by tommorow hopefully,my Cpu lost it's conection to the outside world so yeah.
Oh by the if anyone wants to be a honored guest on the show PM me and i'll have a specially deticated issue on you. In the next issue i talk about Gl secret origins pt.5...
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The Eternal Hunt - Issue #12

Posted 08-24-2008 at 08:03 PM by GLJIMT (The Hunt)

Today in the Hunt ....

well ok yesterday in the hunt first, on the way back from Hocking Hills we stopped at 4 Targets, with nothing just a bunch of Wave 1 left overs.

Today - Went to the Target on the way to pick my Ferret back up from the in-laws (they where ferret sitting) there hanging by himself was one lone Hal so I bought him! They have arrived FINALLY here in Ohio! Now I need both Sinestro Versions and the Grundy pieces I don't really want the Deathstroke...
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The Rogues Gallery!

Posted 08-23-2008 at 06:48 PM by Fearless (Fearless, Inc.)

Welcome back to The Rogues Gallery!, where we appreciate the villains throughout the DCU. So, without further ado, let's get cracking...


--Superboy-Prime kicked off a world of terror and hurt this week in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1. In the first issue alone, he freed an ENTIRE prison planet's worth of prisoners(Including Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, and Cosmic King), murdered countless Superman Museum and prison guards,...
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Much ado about nothing...

Posted 08-23-2008 at 02:54 AM by Andrew NDB (Ringside with Andrew NDB)

What can I say?

In the past week or two I've finally completed my Justice League of America comic book collection -- every volume, every issue, all the way back to their first appearances in the Brave & the Bold.

Been working on "The League" episode 4. Just last night I busted my digital camera (which I actual use instead of my digital video camera, as I find the digital camera's movie mode captures up-close action figures easier for blue-screening and...
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