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Conversation Between Gray Lantern and Prime
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  1. Prime
    07-02-2011 04:32 PM
    Just let me know once you've emailed me your revision.
  2. Prime
    06-28-2011 05:54 PM
    Have my episode 6 script ready to send. I forget though(since it's been forever haha) where exactly should I send it to you? Through email? Here? Just let me know cause I'm drawing a blank.
  3. Gray Lantern
    05-03-2011 05:56 PM
    Gray Lantern
    Sounds good. How is it coming along now?
  4. Prime
    04-20-2011 05:54 AM
    Yep. I've been making some major changes on it the past few days since I wasn't entirely happy with it but in the next few days I'll have finished what's been practically a complete rewrite. Sorry for the wait and thanks for the patience.
  5. Gray Lantern
    04-19-2011 05:14 AM
    Gray Lantern
    Hey, can I expect the new script this week?
  6. Prime
    04-07-2011 09:33 PM
    Almost done with the episode 6 script then I'll be sending it your way
  7. Gray Lantern
    03-17-2011 09:16 PM
    Gray Lantern
    Hey Prime, you have the script for the next episode? We could probably get a start on that.
  8. Gray Lantern
    11-20-2010 02:36 AM
    Gray Lantern
    Hey, how are we doing on episode 5?
  9. Prime
    09-13-2010 02:01 AM
    Got the Episode 4 script coming to you either tomorrow or Tuesday.
  10. Prime
    07-31-2010 05:54 AM
    Gonna have to be another day. Been making some changes to it. Sorry

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