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Conversation Between Trey Strain and Gir eats Waffles
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  1. Gir eats Waffles
    05-11-2009 02:29 AM
    Gir eats Waffles
    Hey l have a friend here, cool. Wow hey everyone who is anonymously looking at Spy Smasher's profile now you know he's my friend here and you do not need to go look at the weird little friend thing just right of this message. nope. no need because l have it said right here. Unless this is deleted in a day or two, then l guess you would need to click on things to actually know. Like KNOW know but do you really need to know that ? Hell no, not when it can easily be read right here, yup right here and no where else except for the nifty little friend thing right of here or maybe the friends tab just above this message. Actually anywhere is good.

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