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Conversation Between Space Cop and Jeff
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  1. Jeff
    01-14-2022 04:30 AM
    No monsters? But then that's just no fun. Hehe
  2. Space Cop
    01-13-2022 04:34 AM
    Space Cop
    You could branch out. I've heard that there are good books that have no monsters and don't take place underwater.
  3. Jeff
    01-13-2022 04:07 AM
    Actually....I haven't read that many. I would say a dozen myself, but I forget where I left off in the book thread. These days, it's more like "take a break from the game, see if Kindle has anything interesting " and a lot of times, it doesn't. Which is kind of sad. Because I love deep sea thrillers but can't even find a decent list of them, or I've already read them all in some lists I find.
  4. Space Cop
    01-12-2022 04:04 AM
    Space Cop
    You should post in the book thread. It's so far back now. I've read like a dozen books since the last post, which probably means you read 40.
  5. Space Cop
    11-15-2021 04:28 AM
    Space Cop
    I probably won't keep it long, but it reminds me of the famous photo of Elvis with Nixon; like how did this happen in the real world?
  6. Jeff
    11-15-2021 02:52 AM
    Gotcha. Glad you explained it cuz that was my next question. ��
  7. Space Cop
    11-14-2021 12:58 AM
    Space Cop
    Yes to the first, and no, it's the Undertaker to the second. I came across that (it was at an event for selling Wrestlemania tickets in Dallas, TX) and it amused me that "the Deadman" met an ex-president and gave him a bro/biker-style handshake.
  8. Jeff
    11-13-2021 09:54 PM
    Is that Bush Jr. And Jessie Ventura in your signature?
  9. Space Cop
    10-14-2021 01:50 PM
    Space Cop
    It’s fun, but there’s no depth. It’s literally covered like you’re watching a pay-per-view fighting tournament. It’s free on Tubi though and is only about 90 minutes. I have heard multiple monster fans cite it positively, though.
  10. Jeff
    10-14-2021 06:31 AM
    I can deal with Sundown. Sounds like an interesting story. What about that Monsters movie with the wrestlers? Was it totally camp, or did it have substance to it?

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