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  1. Rainbow Lantern
    10-12-2009 11:39 PM
    Rainbow Lantern
  2. The Doctor
    10-01-2009 09:16 PM
    The Doctor
    I just read that bullshit they call Hulk 15, how about you? Are you getting sick of this Red Hulk crap?
  3. The Doctor
    09-25-2009 02:57 PM
    The Doctor
    Don't get me wrong, Hulk started off with a wild bang! But it's drug on far too long and the book should have died with Incredible Hulk 600 and been absorbed. As for the mustache, in the days of old, Banner and the Hulk never kept their perspective facial hairs. This is juts an artist's descretion but who knows. Other than you and myself, I've met one other person who shares the Talbolt theory. Other than that, who knows? I'm banking on Talbolt with a slim to none bet on Absorbing Man. The General Ross argument is well proven but utterly retarded. If that's the case then it shows Loeb is simply copying the old John Byrne/ Al Milgrom/ Peter David collaboprated story arc.

    Between Incredible Hulk 318 through 329 is an odd time that changed hands with writers and artists so many time until the series settled in with Peter David.
  4. The Doctor
    09-25-2009 12:13 PM
    The Doctor
    Okay, interesting article to say the least. I'm not sure if I buy it. I give the dude points though, he raises interesting arguments and points but still...

    I'm still curious what Banner whispers to Ross in the first issue of Hulk. Or did they clear that up and I missed it?

    Who do you think, Red Hulk is, White Light?
  5. The Doctor
    09-25-2009 01:28 AM
    The Doctor
    Oh I read Hulk and Incredible Hulk. I can't stand Rulk and I even found those plot points to be weak.... but Incredible Hulk, now that's a book written with love! 601 was amazing and I'm anxious for 602!

    Now my Rulk theories.... he's one of two people...
    1) Major Glenn Talbot; don't ask me how he's alive or whatever (died fighting the Hulk in a volcano in I think... Incredible Hulk 268; Billa Mantalo and Sal Buscema another awesome run of the Incredible Hulk you should check out! That and John Byrne) Now my reasoning for this, is when Rulk tells the Hulk, "I leave you broken hearted as you once left me." At the end of the Defenders/ Offenders arc. Only cause Banner and Talbot were in a Betty Ross love triangle for years!

    2) The Absorbing Man, only cause Rulk has a mysterious agreement with Titania and they were an item for a while long ago. Also there's like... a red She Hulk coming in World War Hulks... I think it might be her!
  6. Fearless
    09-25-2009 12:55 AM
    lol, like I haven't heard THAT one before.
  7. The Doctor
    09-25-2009 12:34 AM
    The Doctor
    Dude, all I can say is.... Ground Zero, Gamma Bombs Run... Incredible Hulk 330-346...

    Peter David at his best! The Leader, Rock and Redeemer, Gamma Bombs made by the US Goverment, Wolverine! Todd McFarlane art work, Rick Jones Hulk! This story has got it all and is David's first major story arc!

    And it leads into Incredible Hulk 347, 'They Call Me... Mr. Fixit'... I thin it's in the Peter David Visionaries, I'm not sure, I just own everything Incredible Hulk from 102 (vol.2) to the present. (And yes I count Hulk 1-6 as Vol. 1), I even have Hulk 2,5 and 6 from the original six issues and all the Tales to Astonish from 49-101...
  8. The Doctor
    09-24-2009 03:53 PM
    The Doctor
    What up dude, I hear you're a hard nosed Hulk fan? I've been a fan of ol' Jade Jaws since the early 80's, I grew up with Lou and Bill on CBS Friday nights. Hulk got me into comic books in the first place.
  9. Jade
    09-23-2009 07:01 PM
    Yep.. I got around to taking a look at it!

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