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  1. Abin Surly
    05-08-2010 11:49 PM
    Abin Surly
  2. RichardB
    05-08-2010 12:29 PM
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
  3. Bruce Castle
    08-10-2009 08:12 AM
    Bruce Castle
    Hell yes, I like the Clerks cartoon. I probably quote that more than most of Smith's movies. It's the reason why I thought Alec Baldwin was hilarious before 30 Rock.

    "Yes, the burritos, and nothing else."
  4. EmeraldBat
    06-20-2009 03:04 AM
    its on thursdays on usa. at 6 and 9 arizona time. my 6 month old son loves it.
  5. EmeraldBat
    06-18-2009 04:28 AM
    You watch burn notice? I think it would be pleasent to see Mike as a GL lol
  6. EmeraldBat
    06-16-2009 04:35 AM
    Your avatar is amazing
  7. Soranik Natu
    06-05-2009 03:07 AM
    Soranik Natu
    Happy Thursday Geekeh. :]
  8. Gir eats Waffles
    05-11-2009 03:47 AM
    Gir eats Waffles
    No, that is why l only do a few shows each night so there is no stalenessticity in the maddness. Besides it is fun for the little ones around to decipher the words within the words between other words like a code. A secret code. lt's like playing lndiana Jones in real life only there are no secret dungeon traps and no Nazis trying to kill you and get that crazy lady whom l think was in Starman and give them to creepy french guys as love slaves and whatnot. So this is nothing like lndiana Jones at all. Enjoy
  9. Gir eats Waffles
    05-11-2009 03:31 AM
    Gir eats Waffles
    Hooey l deliver the insane! sometimes in less than half an hour before the pizza gets cold but l can eats pizzas. And no it never takes half an hour because l deliver it, did l tell you that?
  10. Gir eats Waffles
    05-11-2009 03:10 AM
    Gir eats Waffles
    Calm l am calm. Are you calm l hope so. Because you they say there is always calm before the storm or something like that. But what storm and why is it calm? There is a storm coming l sure would not be calm there are storms out there. That is why l live in houses because the storms hate trailers, and why? Does God hate trailers? are they sinners? l hope not. their lives can be hard living in trailers hoping it is never calm before storms show up because we all know God hates trailers.

    l hears those guys are sinners, why else would God send storms and freak them out before the storms with the pretending to be calm and somesuch.

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Posted 10-13-2008 at 05:54 AM by GreenLanternGeek Comments 0
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It's comeing up Halloween, and for the 5th year in a row I will be watching one of the greatest cult classic films ever to hit the screen... ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!! If you have never seen this flick go and rent it now.

This Film has great music Like Sword of Dameclese, Rose Tinted World, Over At The Frankenstein Place, and the unforgettable TIME WARP! It Starred three young actors that soon became household names Barry Bostwick, Susan Suranden, and Tim Curry.


Posted 08-13-2008 at 06:12 AM by GreenLanternGeek Comments 2
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"Friday I'm In Love" by the Cure is the song stuck in my head this week... well thats not exactly true, It's mainly this little section:

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's friday i'm in love
see Monday I had an extremely bad day... not something I particually want to get into though so we'll leave it at that. Tuesday I was stuck working in the back just wanting someone to talk...

Posted 07-28-2008 at 05:23 AM by GreenLanternGeek Comments 14
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Ok this is my blog for all the music that gets stuck in my head, this happens like 5 times a week at the least so I'm pretty used to this by now, and for me to explain why it's stuck. See my brain kind of catalogs all the songs I hear and for some reason either it be a beat a memory or someithing along the lines of a trigger word will set off a song in there.

Ok right now I have the song "Rainbow Connection" stuck in my head, you know the song that kermit the frog sings...

Posted 07-25-2008 at 04:38 PM by GreenLanternGeek Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
First off let me say I have been waiting for the release of SPACED since Shaun of The Dead came out. Seriousely 4 fucking years I have been waiting for this, and the wait was totally worth it!!

This series was great, from the first few minutes of the first episode I was on the ground laughing. The characters in this show were awesome, you really do care about these guys and connect with them on some level. There were so many reference jokes (I love reference jokes), like Tim burning...
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