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Originally Posted by LanternDBarker View Post
Hey guys... what's the deal with Agent Carter season 3? I'm still watching season 2 so no spoilers for season 2 please!

No one seems to know whether it's happening or whether there were plans and now it's cancelled? The rumors are all over the shop. I just don't know what's happening? Does Marvel and/or ABC even know?

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Still up in the air but the actor that plays Peggy herself signed on for a new pilot, for a different show next season. Not a good sign, if that show gets picked up then who knows? However if she were confident that Agent Carter was returning I doubt she would have made that move. Agent Carter's ratings seem close to Agents of Shield which has been renewed but not because of it's great ratings but because it is part of the ABC/Disney/Marvel umbrella so it is semi protected. However Marvel's good will wasn't/isn't (at least not yet) great enough to get Season 3 of Agent Carter green lit or that supposed Mockingbird spinoff.
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