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Originally Posted by Tazer View Post

sadly, I think the most telling facet of this was ABC burning off S2 as they did with double-eps showings to get it off the air faster (on top of all the other reasons U've already mentioned.) /sigh

Yeah, they were definitely interested in keeping AoS's schedule ready for Civil War, but rather than double up on it, they dumped on Agent Carter.

Honestly, I'm not sure there should be a season 3. Season 1 was really solid, but season 2 was only okay. One of the things I liked in season 1 was her constantly trying to overcome the sexism of the era. In season 2, there was basically none of that. The producers knew that they were on the bubble for season 2, so they really should have went all out, but they didn't. I just found myself not caring about most of it, watching more out of a sense of completion than enjoyment. To be fair, I do this a bit with AoS too. With that show, it at least sees fit to reward me with MCU tie-ins on occasion.
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