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Finished the third season.

Bad season. Bad. The big bad throughout is a pudgy white guy serial killer with no superpowers. There's about 20 times when Jessica knocks him out/down and either doesn't turn him in or makes a deal with him or otherwise he just "gets away." Ridiculous. They drag it out to the second to last episode, over and over again, when Trish finally steps in and kills him after he brutally murders her mother (Jessica's adoptive mother as well).

So what does Jessica do? Instead of a high-five, she wants Trish to turn herself in for murder! And when she doesn't, Jessica snitches her identity out to the world then goes and helps apprehend her. wtf... imagine if someone slowly and brutally murdered your mom, is your brother or sister going to poo poo you for killing the killer? And this is Kilgrave neck snap McGee judging her like this. End of the show, Trish goes off to the Raft. Jessica is about to leave for Texas but then goes, "Nah!" and smiles. I guess we're supposed to ponder if she's going to start being a likable character now?

A Luke Cage scene is there near the end but it's much ado about nothing.
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