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Kyle Rayner
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Trey Strain
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Default Prediction

I predict that Kyle will join Titans soon.
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Michael Heide
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Doubtful. That would be an efficient use of the character.
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Mister Ed
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I don't really care if they do or not, I guess. He's been in a Titans title before, and it was nothing special. I don't really care about Titans, and probably wouldn't buy it just for Kyle, even though I like him.
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Ωmega Man
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For the time being GLs is still starring Baz and Cruz... and John's going to the new JL book. Kinda doubt this will happen anytime soon, much as I'd like it to (I even had Kyle interact with the Titans in my last fanfic) I don't see DC putting ANOTHER GL back on Earth.

I kinda get annoyed that Kyle is always shopped around minis and team books but they wont just give him his own solo or story somewhere. I remember Omega Men being teased as a Kyle story... only to find out he was just another plot point in a team book.

- Ω
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