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Kyle Rayner
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Default White Lantern: Dead Beacons

Issue is out. Poll is up. Review posted. INTERVIEW taken!
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I glanced at this book and was really impressed with the artist on the Hellblazer story. In fact, I'd say that my favorite artists at DC right now are that person and Will Conrad.

The cover image of this comic is horrible, imo.

As for the White Lantern story... I... um... didn't read it and barely looked at it

Oh! And I forgot to mention, it's great to see Shayera back as Hawkgirl, and looking close to her traditional self. Although, I doubt DC plans to do much of note with the character.

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I forgot the drop date on this book and missed it, but my LCS has me down for a replacement copy they're supposed to get.
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In the interview with the Kyle story's writer, he mentioned Marz' origin and Omega Men as his favorite Kyle stories. I wonder what he considers Kyle's origin? It wasn't an arc or anything like they do now, but for me it'd be his adventures in Cali right up to leaving to NYC after Alex' death.

Gonna have to pick this book up now... still need to get the DCU Rebirth #1 as well...

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