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Andrew NDB
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Default Marvel/Disney's X-Men reboot

Lots of casting hubbub going on lately.

Apparently Marvel wants Denzel Washington for Magneto?

Also... Viggo Mortensen for Doom?

I'm more or less OK with Denzel as Magneto. On the one hand, we know why they're doing it and that's stupid -- and there's decades worth of POC mutants (good and evil alike) to utilize without having to resort to changing the race of somebody else. On the other hand, unless they make Magneto semi-immortal or utilize some kind of stasis plot device, there is no way he can still be a Jewish concentration camp survivor in a movie set in 2020. They were barely able to pull it off in X-Men (2000), and that was 20 years ago. So... why not just change him up a little more, I guess? As long as he's firmly villainous and he has white hair, I'm mostly OK. I've been waiting a long time for a Magneto with unnaturally white hair.

Now, none of this means they're necessarily fast tracking an X-Men movie... it just means they're looking to shore up certain parts. Parts that will likely be showing up elsewhere first.
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Michael Heide
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Magneto has grown far beyond the tired Malcolm X comparison. Going with Denzel would send a very confusing message.

And while I've wanted Viggo Mortensen to play a comic book supervillain for years (I've said time and again that he would be the best possible Sinestro), making him Doctor Doom would either get rid of him and Richards being contemporaries in College, or it would make Reed Richards 60. Both would be... odd choices.
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