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^They have not yet given the origin (just some more clues like it has auto-defense) of the gauntlet but Iím 95% sure they said it is not Kronaís.
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[QUOTE=Star-Lantern;977012]I stopped really reading this series a while ago, but there is a development I keep hearing about that I'm curious about.

Can someone shed some light on why Teen Lantern's gauntlet is NOT Krona's gauntlet? Did someone run into a creative snag somehow and had to BS their way out of it by saying the weapon isn't Krona's gauntlet?[QUOTE=Star-Lantern;977012]

lorl was a previously unknown GL, and that was his only appearance. I'm not sure what plans Bendis had for the backstory of that character, if any, but it doesn't seem like he planned to delve back into GL history to Krona's gauntlet. It definitely didn't look like Krona's gauntlet, and it stands to reason that since Hal had such problems controlling it, neither an average GL or an 11-year-old would have had any chance at controlling it. So why did Bendis use a new gauntlet with no previous history? That's anyone's guess at this point.
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