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Originally Posted by Star-Lantern View Post
I don't know if I will watch the Green Lantern show. Probably not, for a couple reasons:

a) I don't watch television anymore. Or streaming, or whatever. I don't even have it. I'm perfectly happy with Youtube.

b) I find myself largely uninterested in super hero television and movie adaptations. After the DCAU ended, I haven't been that into any of them, and that was a LONG time ago. That isn't to say all of them have been bad, they're just not something I follow with a lot of passion.

c) If I'm being REALLY honest, I'm not that into Green Lantern. Well, it's not that I think it's bad...I just think it's usually bad. I think it's a cool idea, I just think the stories are typically underwhelming and the idea is a little underdeveloped for what it could be. I guess it's a cool idea that doesn't really meet its potential, imo. Lots of dumb or unremarkable villains, too. I can probably count the ones I think are good on one hand...maybe not even using all fingers.
When they started making new Earth Lanterns about every month or so I think I had finally had enough of it.
I want to give it a chance but i feel like if i do somewhere in this or season 2 will push more pc agenda. Ill be dissapointed as a lantern fan. When it comes to berlanti i refuse watching his stuff. People rave about the superman and lois show but there was already a attempt to make ma and pa kent a person of color. The person who demanded it and i think was a writer got fired for going off the rails about equality. Youll have to google it see for yourself
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Thank you fuck you bye
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