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Ωmega Man
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Exclamation Enough is enough....

Comics from the Big Two companies (DC & Marvel) aren't what they used to be. Casual fans and Twitter mobs basically defend even the dumbest ideas and no hero or comic character is immune when a creator or company starts throwing political or activist views into the stories ham fisted. It's almost ruined the hobby of collecting comics for me completely. I used to say often that comics needed to shift back towards the younger audiences, it still has to if it's going to survive much longer. However the time and resources TPTB are wasting producing YA novels like 'I Am Not Starfire' and 'Mera' isn't the right move at all. There are literally HUNDREDS of characters with potential, several of which already have solid fan bases... just going to waste on a shelf. DC could be doing so much more without playing up the legacy gimmick for the hundredth time. And Marvel actually doing that thing with Cyclops, Jean, AND Wolverine is just... IDK where to even begin with that rabbit hole.

What I'm actually getting at is that I'm producing my own superhero graphic novel in 2021. I'm blessed with knowing a handful of successful people who are willing to invest the money to make it happen, people who know the passion I have for the medium who like the idea of all-ages comics. I'm not pushing any political views or making characters to check off boxes. There's characters for everybody to enjoy, and some you may already have and didn't know it... which brings me to the project itself.

Heroes in the Public Domain are numerous with plenty of greats to cherry pick and reinvent. I've picked five, some based on recognizable names alone, to reimagine for a 64 page story that I'm certain will remind at least some of you of what you miss about yesteryear's comics. There's not just diversity, but honest representation and nothing more. I don't need to preach something like BLM when I can just show you without it seeming forced. Only two of the five characters are straight white males. You could say it's equally inspired by Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Marvel Studios Phase One. Each character will have their own 'chapter' and it's essentially a world builder. If we don't lose much money in it and get a decent fanbase I've already got plans for a second volume with the title hero and four other amazing characters reworked from concepts in the Public Domain. There's also an original character/project I'm working on that's equal parts Sin City and tv's Heroes.

That's not to say I don't need a little help. Only one of my three investors is kind of adamant about a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign... I just don't know anything about them. Would it be better for the project in terms of advertising and getting the word out? I see it as hot and cold for actual pros with EVS raising over a million for Cyberfrog and Ron Marz can't even get $8k for a project raised. I'm meeting my biggest investor in about a week, he might already have advertising stuff in mind but I feel like I should bring something more to the table than a few character studies, a cover, and a pitch. I don't think making money is an issue, he's been trying to throw money at me to do this for about a year now.

So for the handful of you still out there, how would I get such a comic in YOUR hands in this digital age? A whole website to hype the machine or indiegogo, IDK what's out there... or what's more popular an option?

Thanks to anybody who's read this far BTW. Props for you indeed. LOL

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Trey Strain
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I pledge one billion dollars.

I'd like to pledge more, but times are tight.
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Ωmega Man
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In a few months when I've got more work finished up we're gonna build a site around it. My guy is looking forward to the second volume and making a universe including a couple characters we made back in high school but ATM I'm doing most of the art. I am talking with another guy who's down to do some artwork for the secret files type bios, the site, or one or two of the five characters' chapters. We've both just got super demanding day jobs.

With only about 10 of us really posting anything on here, whomever is still around when I go to print I'll send a copy to you.

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Andrew NDB
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I'd check it out, for sure.
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