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Ωmega Man
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Exclamation Jeff Lemire Rumored to Take Over

Am I getting myself hyped for nothing? Thinking Critical and others on YouTube are speculating Lemire is getting the Lanterns after Future State. After reading his Black Hammer spin-offs I'm hoping this happens. He wanted to do a lot more in JLUnited including bringing in characters like B'Wana Beast and Wildstorm's Union. His Animal Man is one of my favorite comic runs. Lots of potential.
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Trey Strain
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I have no idea what he'd do with the comic. But the last thing Green Lantern needs is a writer who would see it as a chance to promote some off-brand super-heroes. DC and its writers need to focus on saving their core properties. In no way is DC out of the woods in terms of corporate survival. When they get twenty titles selling well, then maybe they can think about pushing Beast Boy and Animal Man.

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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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I'm curious to see how this plays out.
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Its probably going to go from a space police force to the Rainbow coalition wich will act like care bears instead of what there supposed to be
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