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Default Loose figures from China on Ebay. Same quality?

Anyone out there taken advantage of the dirt cheap loose DCUC figures from China on Ebay? Not so much concerned about authenticity as I am quality.

Just curious if anyone has any input, because I'm considering giving in. I've seen some user reviews saying figures have shipped with two left legs/arms, etc. Also, some sellers seem to have unusually large quantities of some rarer figures, so again quality is a major concern.
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I have bought a good amount of figures from eBay sellers located in China. I did not find a particular quality flaws in the products. The only missing from the figures are the pretty packaging and accessories.

The items I've recently purchased without any problems were Mattel versions of Catwoman, Harley, CnC Anti-Monitor, Marvel Legends Phoenix and Wolverine. All the same quality as the items sold in Target, Wal Mart, etc...
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^^^^^^^ Same here. That's how I got my Mattel All Stars Sinestro Hal. It's kind of funny, in some ways it was actually better than what we get over here.
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I've purchased a C&C Apache Chief and Young Justice Superboy recently from a China eBay seller and everything was all good; no flaws or imperfections of any kind. In addition, the shipping time isn't as bad as it seems. It normally takes a little over a week for delivery.

As with all online auctions, just review the seller's feedback history before bidding and you'll be golden.
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