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Default GLC: the Torch Bearer

Green Lantern Corps: the Torch Bearer

“Safe Guard”

Act 1

One Week Ago....

Sodam Yat flies alone through the stars of sector 0013 towards the planet Oa. Unsuspecting of his surroundings a small group of Manhunter robots come sneaking out of an asteroid field. The robots fight the super Lantern as he makes quick work of many of them until a small group begin assembling a weapon. As he flies towards them head on he is blasted with the cannon they’ve created. However their target was not Sodam Yat himself, it was only his ring. As it is destroyed in the final blast from the robots the Daxamite Lantern’s skin begins to change to a light shade of gray and he begins gasping for air. In the end he becomes motionless and in a coma-like state floating through space until the Lanterns of sector 0012 discover his body.

Oa, present day....

The Guardians of the Universe converse in their chambers. They speak of the possibility of the Blackest Night, the willpower entity, and the “death” of Sodam Yat due to lead poisoning.

“With our greatest Green Lantern now in a coma the entity has once again become one with the universe itself.” the first Guardian says addressing the group of blue aliens.

“We must keep our Torch Bearer under watch,” says another Guardian floating over the rest of the group, “After giving him his old ring found on Mogo he will once again tap into the lost energy of Ion and hold within him the spark of life.”

“Stationing him on Earth in sector 2814 would be wise. In the worst circumstances he would have the other heroes of Earth to fall upon.” a female Guardian adds. “Lantern Sodam Yat did not know of the power and responsibility he wielded with the entity. His foolishness lead him to this strange coma unable to wake.”

“It would also be our best kept secret if Honor Guardsman Kyle Rayner took on another alias to further confuse our enemies.” another Guardian says as his eyes turn to his brothers and sisters. “The knowledge of the safe guard isn’t known by anyone else outside of these quarters and Kyle Rayner. Sinestro’s memory of the Torch Bearer’s true purpose was erased successfully.”

“Contact senior Lantern Salaak...” says a Guardian as his eyes squint looking out into the stars around them.

Sector 0423

Kyle Rayner assists a couple of new Lanterns in the area with an infestation problem. The food on this particular world is being devoured by an enormous horde of “space insects” for lack of a better term.

“THAT should do it for these six legged freaks!” Kyle says creating a large fly swatter to smack several of the bugs out of the planet’s atmosphere.

“I have six legs.” says a new Lantern with pinkish skin and large blue eyes.

“But those things were nowhere near as pretty as you, Lantern Tiluj,” Kyle replies.

She smiled back at him with a wink.

"Thank you, Lantern Rayner," she smiled.

“I wish I could paint out here...” Kyle thinks to himself looking at a sun lighting the galaxy as a planet moves in front of it.

And before Kyle could respond to the female alien his ring beeped.

“Crap,” he thought. "Rayner here."

“Honor Guardsman Rayner report.” the ring says projecting a holographic image of Lantern Salaak’s head.

“Everything is cleared up Sal, no more bedbugs on planet Cesuoh.” Kyle says rolling his eyes.

"Good job," said the green image of Salaak hovering from Kyle's ring."However, the Guardians request you come to Oa for a new assignment."

"Really?" Kyle said. "Did the Guardians say what it is?"

"No," Salaak's pickle shaped head mouthed. "I have been told not to reveal
anything over this link."

Later on Oa....

Kyle Rayner sits in an emerald construct bench outside of the Guardians door way. Shorm will not grant access through the door.

“Why can’t I just ask them myself Shorm, why does it have to be Salaak?” Kyle asks looking to the open space above him in the corridor.

“The Guardians have asked their quarters be under lock down with the Daxamite in a coma and the willpower entity lost.” Shorm says from his station somewhere else within Oa’s inner city.

“They must be dealing with the Blackest Night prophecy the only way they know how, being hermits.” he thinks to himself as Salaak flies towards him through the corridor.

“What are you doing at the Guardian’s chambers Kyle? The Guardians refuse to be seen even by me. I have got your next assignment.” the alien continues landing on the ground beside of the human.

“Where am I off to now Sal? Tendax again, maybe somewhere with a beach?” Kyle says with a smirk.

“Earth.” Salaak says right to the point with a stern look on his face.

“Ah good ol’ sector 2814....” Kyle says creating an emerald globe construct spinning it on his finger tip.

“You misunderstand. The Guardians asked Lanterns Torquemada and Garmin Vid to recover your lost ring on Mogo. When you became Ion for the second time and stabilized the powers inside of you, you left the most valuable asset to this new Corps on Mogo’s lands.” Salaak says opening his hand to reveal Kyle’s original ring. “You are again to be the one who holds the light within him with the help of this ring. The Guardians have asked you to resume your role as the Torch Bearer.”

“That’s nothing new, but what’s the big deal?” Kyle asks scratching his head.

“You are to stay on your home world and not venture into the rest of sector 2814 and beyond until summoned. Your world is the nexus of the 52 and must be protected from other worldly monsters who may jump from their worlds and universes to yours.” Salaak explains.

“Just what I need, another round with the Crime Syndicate or Lord Havoc.” Kyle says crossing his arms as the pink alien continues.

“Within you lies the dormant energies of the Starheart, with them it is possible for you to again absorb your original ring and carry the spark of life for the Corps. The Guardians have also asked that you create a new alias for yourself to further confuse any enemies of the Corps.” Salaak says wiping the badge from Kyle’s chest with a wave of his hand and an energy trail from his ring.

“So I HAVE to make another costume and identity? I was just getting used to wearing THIS suit. I guess you want this other ring then....” Kyle says grabbing his old model from Salaak dropping his current one into the aliens other hand.

He closes his eyes and holds the ring in his palm. It glows white hot before melting into his hand and making his entire body white hot with power. His Lantern uniform glows bright as his body is covered in a mostly black costume now reminiscent of the original costume he once wore as Ion.

“So what will you call yourself now on your home world?” the alien asks looking up at Kyle in his new suit.

“With the willpower entity seemingly gone “Ion” is out of the question.” Kyle says looking down as he brushes his hand across his new symbol. “So I guess I’ll stick with.... the TORCH BEARER!” he says leaping into flight through the passage in the underground tunnels of Oa as the dot in the”I” bursts with green flame.

On his way Kyle passes several aliens in the skies until he uses a giant anime female to grab Guy Gardner out of the air.

“What the hell? Somebody better have a good reason for keeping me away from... what’s with the new suit Rayner? If this is all you pulled me out of the air for consider your ass KICKED!” Guy says punching Kyle’s left shoulder.

“The Guardians gave me orders to absorb my old ring and connect with the residual energy Ion left behind to hold a spark within me again.” Kyle begins to tell his ex-partner and fellow Honor Guardsman.

“Again?” Guy asks raising an eyebrow.

“My status as their Torch Bearer was given to me after relighting the Central Battery and recreating the Guardians.” Kyle says as he makes a constructs playing out the events. “My old ring tapped into lost energies of the Battery, the residual energy of the willpower entity before it took shape, and what was left of something I call Oblivion.”

“So what then you’re Ion 1.0 again?” Guy asks as they hover above the surface of Oa.

“Not exactly. I’m nowhere near as powerful, but I’m not your average Lantern.” Kyle continues.

“You never were, kid.” Guy says.

“Part of my assignment is to lay low on Earth under a new alias until summoned. “Torch Bearer” was the obvious choice.” Kyle says explaining his new M.O.

“Your new symbol looks like the guy on a Men’s Restroom door somewhere.” Guy says laughing.

“...says the man who thinks turtlenecks are still in!” Kyle banters back pulling on Guy’s uniform.

“Well I guess I’ll see you around Kyle. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...” Guy says as he flies off in one direction.

Kyle hesitates for a moment in mid-air pondering his next move. In a flash of green light he’s off headed towards Earth.

“Can’t say I don’t like this assignment. More time on Earth more time for my art...” Kyle thinks passing through an asteroid field.

“A real chance to take a breather and just be myself at the art retreat. I can stop by Radu’s more often too! God I’ve missed his cappuccinos. I should give some old friends a call when I get back. Roy, Donna, and even Tyler if I can still trace his DNA signature. I think I still have an old shirt he gave me last time I was in California for my Mom....” Kyle begins to think wiping a single tear from his eye after the thought of his dead mother.

“I should probably visit Mom and Alex’s graves if I swing by Cali. So many memories, I could use a stiff drink and a long bath right about now....” he continues on towards his home on Earth.

Act 2

Later in Los Angeles, California

Kyle Rayner walks into an old familiar club, the Heretic, to see some old faces. Tyler is on one side of the bar and his sponsor-turned-girlfriend May is on the other.

“Tyler has always been there for me when it came to my Mom. Our dorm days in college were some of the best years of my life. Haven’t seen him since before my mom died. He’d told me about hooking up with May after the car accident I pulled him out of a few years ago.” he thinks to himself approaching his friends.

“KYLE, where have you been man we’ve been waiting for ya. You remember May...” he says holding the woman’s hand in his over the bar.

“How could I forget. Only woman I’ve ever seen that could keep you sober. Are you sure it’s cool if I have a beer?” Kyle asks before ordering a drink.

“I’m strictly a club-soda kinda guy now K-man. It’s been at LEAST two years since I’ve had a drink. It’s not a problem anymore. If you’re down bro then I’m here to help you get up.” Tyler says as he gets a beer and a shot for Kyle and another soda for himself.

“It’s on the house boys and the place is starting to fill up. Don’t mind me if I go back and forth.” May says getting into her routine grabbing a rag to mop up a spill.


“I didn’t know you had this much inside of you when it came to your Mom dude. I haven’t seen you cry that much since that Ashley girl dumped you Freshman year.” Tyler says to his friend laughing.

“Ty is the best friend I have that doesn’t wear a bright costume and have super powers. He always knows what to say to get me laughing.” Kyle thinks half buzzed admiring the willpower his friend has got over the last few years.

“Tyler I think I’m gonna go crash at another friend’s place in Coast City. I’ll give you a call when I’m not hung-over and back home.” Kyle says standing to his feet.

“Okay man, just give me a ring.” he says waving goodbye as Kyle exits out the back.

Kyle walks down through the alley where it all began opening a floodgate of memories. His mother, his days as a rookie, his love-life all flutters through his mind.

“Hard to believe I’m back where it all started. I hope Hal doesn’t mind me stopping by...” he says trying to step up and be more aware after bumping into a trash can.

Kyle flies in through the balcony and enters Hal’s apartment from the sliding door. He crashes quickly on the couch after dissipating his new costume. Kyle’s mind right now is completely blank. Inside of the young man’s mind it glows white all around except for a door that leads into his mother’s home in his subconscious. A black cape however is seen in the distance.

“Finally another chance at true power!”a dark figure says choking the life out of a glowing green figure in the distance before the green man dissipates and is absorbed within the dark one.


Kyle’s subconscious self is startled walking through the living room wondering what could possibly be at the door. He opens it and his eyes grow wide as he sees the caped figure with it’s hands behind it’s back.

“Hello.... father.” says Oblivion with a gruesome smile.

Kyle wakes up suddenly from the couch of Hal Jordan’s.

“That was one trippy dream. I can hardly remember any of it now. You there Hal?” Kyle yells getting up from the couch and scratching his head.

“Guess not. Probably doing the Air Force thing....” Kyle thinks to himself.

He walks over and into Hal’s kitchen looking for something to make some coffee with before finding a note for him on Hal’s refrigerator. Pulling it off of the door Kyle reads:

“Sal let me know what’s up. You smelled like the inside of a beer can this morning. Next time you’re on this side of the states call me before going out for a beer. You still owe me a round and now a night on YOUR couch. Take it easy kid... — H ”

“The old man knows how to make a guy feel welcome. I’m gonna grab one of his t-shirts and head back to New York.” Kyle says dropping the note in the trash and getting himself together before charging up and beaming out of Hal’s balcony door.

Kaaterskill’s Notch, Upstate New York...

Kyle unwinds in his quarters at the art retreat. He listens to music and dances around his living room that doubles as a studio before grabbing a cup of Radu’s he got on the way in. Sipping it before finally getting comfortable in his home on Earth he begins to ponder what his life has become on the internet. He browses through some sites, reads a few old emails from his friend Roy Harper, and finally checks something in his “favorites” tab under the “Church of Ion.”

“Oh my God, what the hell happened to these people?” Kyle says to himself in shock. “It’s like they’ve become an obsessed cult.”

Kyle looks down and checks a link to “recent Ion sightings.”

“I haven’t been out in my new suit for anymore than two hours flying back and forth. Who could’ve possibly caught a picture and known it was meeeee...” he says before he gets a dumbfounded look on his face.

On the screen is a mid-evil looking priest standing over a few dozen believers as well as a man dressed like Kyle in his original Ion costume by a river.

“I don’t know what that priest has done to those people in South America.... but I plan to find out!” Kyle says standing up and striking a pose to turn into a hero before his instructor Schuyler walks into his room.

“Hey Kyle! I’m glad to have finally caught you in. Are you doing okay lately? Haven’t heard much from you the last few weeks and only saw a couple new pieces through your window.” the instructor asks puffing on his Sherlock Holmes style pipe as he enters the room.

Kyle slouches from his power pose and lets the old man in on his Mother dying, traveling west to see his old art school roommate Tyler, and the strange dreams he’s been having.

“There’s actually a lot on my mind Schuyler...” Kyle says patting the man on the back walking out into the woodland area around the cabins.


“I never thought he’d stop talking. The old guy is good people but sometimes he rambles.” Kyle thinks to himself as he enters his cabin with the sun going down in the mountains behind him.

After he gets back inside he locks the door behind him before glancing over the website of the Church of Ion on his computer.

“Another new sighting, this time at the church itself!” Kyle exclaims as his eyes grow wider at the monitor.

“It’s time I made myself known. Those poor believers are worshiping a false God who happens to rob my wardrobe.” Kyle says to himself looking down at some dirty clothes in the floor by a sketch pad.

Kyle stands to his feet and in a green flame he is covered by his costume. His eyes flare as he passes through his ceiling and heads towards the church in South America. He fails to notice the woman called Marissa is standing outside of one of his windows barely seeing him through a crack in his blinds.

Act 3:

Kyle flies south in an emerald flash.

“I didn’t find an address for the church but I did manage to figure out where that river was.” Kyle thinks to himself touching down a few feet from the river itself.

“This must be where the guy is brainwashing his followers...” Kyle thinks noticing a group of believers coming towards him, “I’ll lay low and see how this is done.” he continues as he ducks behind some nearby trees.

He watches as the high priest and a half dozen followers in green cloaks perform a ceremony and baptize three new believers and clothe them in green cloaks of their own. They walk a trail leading to their church and the Torch Bearer sticks around the river to analyze the waters.

“Nothing in the water,” Kyle says dissipating a test tube construct letting the water flow down his hand., “The brainwashing must be done inside of the church.”

Kyle sneaks towards the church, only a few blocks, before seeing guards posted by the entrances as well as a few on foot patrolling the area.

“Hmmm.... what would Batman do?” Kyle thinks before targeting a sentry armed with a spear.

The Torch Bearer sends a construct of Plastic Man at the guard surprising him and wrapping its super stretchy arms and fingers around him choking him out without a sound. It then disrobes the guard and tosses the robe to Kyle.

“Thanks Plas,” Kyle says getting in disguise,” Now it’s time to find out what’s happening to these people!”

Kyle walks past several robed men and women as he enters the building. He notices a familiar symbol on the back wall.

“They’ve turned my symbol into their cross!” Kyle thinks as his eyes grow wide seeing where the high priest gets his power.

“The dot in that “I” is a solid piece of Starheart!” Kyle says to himself seeing the set up behind the priest’s podium.

As dozens of believers begin sitting down the high priest pulls his hood down to address his people but is surprised to see Kyle still standing in his green hooded robe.

“Is there a believer who is troubled?” the priest asks fixing his collar.

“You’re lying to these people and dressing somebody up like a super hero.” Kyle says as guards begin to approach him.

“You think you have all the answers blasphemer,” the priest boasts, “Our savior shall come and smite thy poor soul.”

With the Starheart behind the man controlling the people, the priest rubs a piece of Starheart he has in his necklace and creates a construct of the original Ion. Kyle burns an emerald fire around himself to keep away from the guards and the believers trying to get at him as well as he burns the robe off of himself revealing his costume.

“It is the symbol of our Lord, HE is a believer!” one robed woman exclaims with wide eyes.

“You can quit the act preacher. That’s no God, only a pathetic construct of one.” Kyle says hovering over the crowd waving his hand to dissipate the fake.

“And it’s nowhere near as handsome as the man himself.” he says absorbing the energy from the stone on the wall, turning it into an average stone, before touching down close to the priest.

“THAT’S nothing more than a green rock, now I’m gonna need that necklace.” Kyle says pointing to the man’s neck.

“These are MY subjects. NOT YOURS!” screams the priest as he blasts the Torch Bearer.

“You’ve got it all wrong pal. The power you worship comes from a cosmic fish, NOT a man, and not ME.” Kyle says absorbing the blast.

“Now I’ll have that jewelry.” Kyle says creating an emerald Budah knocking the priest to the ground with it’s belly.

Kyle walks over the priest reaching down and tearing the necklace off of his neck. He stands over the man absorbing the piece of Starheart and his eyes flame from the power as he drops the chain. The Torch Bearer turns to the people who’ve been released from the priest’s spell who’ve followed the two men outside.

“Consider yourselves lucky. You can all go back to living your old lives now,” Kyle says creating a construct demolition squad that tears the church apart, “this place is closed.”

Later at Kaaterskill’s Notch

Marissa Rochelle paints as if almost in a trance. She whips and whirls paint around on the canvas in her cabin, various greens and earth tones in the backdrop. It looks strangely familiar to green flames. Suddenly she hears a noise.


She puts a drape over her artwork and walks outside as silent as ever. Lighting up a cigarette she notices Kyle stumbling around by the cabins coming onto the scene as if he’d been out in the woods.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t make too much of a racket,” Kyle says posting against a pillar looking on at the smoke blowing artist,

“Hitting that tree on the way in gave me a headache,” he thinks to himself, “You know one day I’d love to hear you say something on accident.” he says later to the silent and beautiful young woman.

The woman looks on at Kyle raising her eyebrow.

“You know like you stumping your toe one day and then just screaming some weird obscenity.” Kyle continues leaning off of the pillar.

The girl laughs a small laugh and smiles at Kyle. He doesn’t know that she caught a glimpse of him through his window as he changed into his new alias.

“Good night,” he smiles back and says, “ I’ll see ya around.”

Kyle paints in his cabin minutes later before falling asleep from exhaustion. As he drifts away the paint on his canvas smears on him and he’s out cold. Inside of Kyle’s subconscious mind he is playing cards with Oblivion as his mother is cooking them dinner. On the backs of the cards are a symbol similar to that of Jade’s!

Next: The All New Challengers!

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holly sht dude thats hella
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Wait till you see what I've got planned for the Challengers. All new team, a Donna Troy appearance, and a lot of people from other worlds.

I put my Teen Lantern story on the backburner just to get some Challengers/Kyle stuff out of me. I'll have a new sig soon to give folks a guess at who exactly will be on the team. I think I've only spilled it to one other poster.

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Here they are as a complete team. Breach and Static come in during the middle of their first new adventure.

And the guy with the yellow head is the android Hourman called Tyler 1.0 in this team. The other chick is a member from the Power Co. I liked named Witchfire.

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Wicked dude, keep it up!

Love the team too, very nice job on those guys.

Edit - PG needs to be bigger tho
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