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Default The All New Challengers from Beyond

The Challengers from Beyond:
Strange New Worlds

Act: 1

Kyle Rayner sits on the floor in his cabin next to the cell phone he has plugged into a wall charging. His back to the wall he runs his fingers through his hair as he holds the phone to his ear.

“You’re a wonderful woman, Donna, but you can’t be in two places at once.” Kyle says to his ex on the other end. “It’s alright if you sit this one out.”

“Now that the older Titans are back together it’d be hard jumping universes on a regular basis. I wish I could.” she replies with a sound of worry in her voice.

“I was actually thinking of putting a team together this time around,” Kyle says confidently standing to his feet, “The more the merrier.”

“I can reach Oracle if you want to go that route.” Donna replies .

“I’d appreciate it Donna. Since I’ve been in space more often than not, lately, I’ve lost most of my contacts.” Kyle says back to her while looking out of his window. “Tell Roy and Wally I said ‘hey.’”


Kyle heads out of his cabin and up through the hills and into the mountains of the surrounding wooded area miles away from his cabin. Coming to his destination he finally stops to take a breather.

“I hope nobody thinks I’m doing anything wrong coming up to the woods as often as I have been lately. Ever since I found this entrance into the underground caves in the mountains I feel like I should have my own Bat-cave.” Kyle thinks to himself as he begins shaping some areas around him with green construction workers. “Every good team needs a headquarters. With the League splintering it’s gonna take more than a trinity of heroes to keep the threats from the 52 from becoming a problem.”

After the walls have been formed Powergirl is the first to enter the cave with a newly designed android Hourman, also called Tyler, in her arms as well as a large circular disc and a small control panel.

“Managed to borrow one of the older teleporter devices from the League.” the blond bombshell says to Kyle setting the disc on the ground and laying the controls on a table next to her.

“It’s still got most of the old JLA symbol on it from when I was in the League.” Kyle says laughing and scratching off more of the paint.

“Here are the coordinates for the teleporters closest to the rest of the group Oracle put together,” Powergirl says handing Kyle a cd, “and with the Justice Society expanding it’s membership I can tag along too, Kyle.”

The rest of the people Oracle contacted begin showing up and Kyle suits up for their first meeting.

“I didn’t know what to expect honestly. I’d been away so long I’ve only met one person out of Oracle’s make-shift team: Powergirl. All I know about Talon is that he’s from the same Earth as the Crime Society. I’ve seen Witchfire on MTV a couple of times. It’s a good thing Powergirl brought the android. Originally from the 853rd century, “Tyler” is now a more modern machine powered by the hourglass that brought him here. His original body was destroyed in a battle with Extant.” Kyle thinks to himself looking on at Oracle’s choices.

“I don’t know all of you so I’ll try not to waste much of your time. As a few of you know there are at least 52 parallel Earths. The nexus of this Multiverse is our Earth. With the League teleporters we’ve been given access to we could operate out of this cave with Tyler monitoring any disturbances in space-time,” Kyle says patting Tyler’s shoulder as all of the heroes gather around a table, “I might be able to go at this alone but it’d be easier to tackle the unknown from other worlds with a team consisting of a couple Earth jumpers and a witchy woman.” he says taking a seat at the table first.

“I’m game.” Talon says looking at Kyle and taking a seat..

“I’ll be here for you too, ‘Torch.” Witchfire says rolling flames around her hand as she pulls out a chair of her own..

“Awesome! Let’s finish this first meeting going over the cave’s layout and - - “

“I’m sorry to interrupt...” the android says in a robotic voice, “... but there’s an opening to another universe forming in South Dakota around the man called BREACH. It should come up on the monitor in a moment!” Tyler says rushing back to the monitor room.

The group looks on as Breach is having some sort of atomic seizure ripping through the fabric of time and space. There appears to be a fire headed teen in a tank-top attacking a hooded boy flying on a manhole cover inside of the tear in reality.

“I guess that Breach character wasn’t a casualty in the last big Crisis after all,” Powergirl says out loud standing ready, “I thought he was a goner when he burst open and Captain Atom was in his place.”

“That’s another loose end that needs tied up. We’ll bump into Monarch again soon, right now we see what’s going on in South Dakota!” Kyle says leaping into the air creating a construct ship for the members who don’t fly themselves.

Act: 2

“ I was supposed to be filming a music video with some up and coming rock band,” Witchfire thinks to herself looking on out the window of the aircraft, “but there are more important things in life than fame and fortune.”

She looks on with her fiery eyes as she notices Talon tinkering with his utility belt.

“The guy who used to be a Green Lantern mentioned these two are from different versions of Earth or whatever,” the redhead wonders looking at both Talon in front of her and Powergirl flying outside of the ship with Kyle, “Maybe I’m from another universe too.”

“We’re approaching our destination,” the Torch Bearer says over an intercom in the ship, “be prepared for anything.”

Kyle dissipates the ship close to the ground and the other heroes fall into place around Breach. The white and red clad hero fights to keep his energy inside as the hole in reality widens behind him.

“We must stop him....” Breach mumbles, “we have to stop Monarch.” he says before passing out from strain.

Suddenly the fire headed young man on the other side of the hole notices the Challengers behind him.

“What’s this Static, now that my power’s grown you had to call in some help?” the villain called Hot Streak says blasting metal debris the hooded hero throws at him.

“After all the pain and suffering you’ve caused this city with your super speed and fires ,Stone, you’ve got all you can handle with me.” Static screams charging at Hot Streak.

The villain quickly leaps through the rip in reality.

“I don’t know who you are or what your story is, but you remind me too much of somebody to let you run around on THIS Earth,” Kyle says darting towards Hot Streak, “back in your rabbit hole Alice!”

Static makes his way through the hole as well still charging at Hot Streak.

“I don’t think so!” the villain screams as he sprints out of the way letting the Torch Bearer and Static collide.

“Witchfire! Powergirl! Pour it on!” Kyle screams getting himself back together looking down at Static.

“You okay dude?” Kyle asks lending the young man a hand, “I don’t know about you but it feels like I just got hit with a two ton frisbee.”
“I’m fine, which is more than I can say about Hot Streak.” Static replies waving his hand and calling his Dakota City manhole cover he chooses to fly on back to him.

“You can do this girl, you can do THIS!” Witchfire says doing the best she can whipping and whirling the villain’s flames into her own to control them.

“You trying to steal MY fire, red?” Hot Streak asks as he runs at super speed knocking the woman into a car leaving another new trail of flames.

“You’re fast kid but not fast enough!” Powergirl says punching the punk teenager through a large highway road sign.

“Nobody escapes the hands of time.” The android says in a monotone voice joining the offensive as the handful of red clock hands detatch themselves from his body and float as if they have a mind of their own darting towards the angry youth.

Talon leaps onto the scene throwing a titanium bola around the hot-head after a couple of the hands of time find meat in Hot Streak’s legs dropping him face first back onto the ground as Kyle creates an emerald Smokey the Bear.

“This stupid thing won’t hold me bird boy, “ Hot Streak says as he begins trying to melt the titanium cord before seeing the large green construct, “What the hell is THAT?!?”

“Consider your fire put out junior.” Kyle says as the construct grabs the young man and shoves the upper half of his body into the drooling bear mouth.

“Are there proper authorities that can contain this guy.... Static was it?” Talon asks the hooded hero clad in blue.

“Static it is, and yes there are people that can keep Hot Streak behind bars.” Static replies looking down at the villain now completely covered in a construct straight-jacket and mummy wraps.

The group continues to ponder as Breach makes an attempt to wake up crawling up to his feet a few yards away from the Challengers.

“Glad to see you’re doing okay Breach.” Powergirl says walking over to the man helping him up.

“NO! You CAN’T touch me!” Breach says as his reaction is altered when he sees Powergirl CAN touch him with no problem.

“I’m sure it’s nothing Superman’s cousin can’t deal with.” she replies back with a smirk.

“I’m gonna need some help fixing this tear in space, Breach, do you think you can help a guy out?” Kyle asks as he places the contained threat back through the hole and into the possession of the proper authorities who showed up on the other side.

“My power feels drained at the moment but I believe I can.” Breach says walking towards the Torch Bearer and Static. “I can FEEL Monarch jumping through the other universes. Our powers are connected somehow, he attacked me in some strange new world I’ve never seen anything like before.”

“Was that the guy in the blue armor I saw hanging around earlier just before that tear in space or whatever took shape?” Static asks the heroes.

“Yes, that was him. But I sense he is no longer on your world young man.” Breach responds.

“We’ll get to him later if you’ll stick around ,Breach, we could use some added power.” Kyle says as he and the other hero’s energy begin sealing the hole in space fabric.

“Last stop! Baby toys, shoes, and kitchen appliances. You going home Static?” Kyle asks giving the young hero another moment to think.

“You can call me Virgil if you want. That flame powered freak cost me nearly everything I had back home. If I’m around it will only put my friends and family in further danger. If you guys need extra man-power I’d be up for hanging around for awhile as well.” Static says opening up to his new allies.


Challengers HQ,

“So, Static, you can stay here in the base with Tyler if you like. Or if you want I could speak to a friend about getting you set up somewhere else with proper identification so it’s easier to adapt to our world.” Kyle says at the meeting table.

“That’s cool, Torch, but I can deal with stayin’ in the cave at the moment. Not having to deal with street gangs and Bang Babies for awhile should be just what I need.” Static replies with a grin before looking at Witchfire with a wink as she rolls her eyes.

“Since I’ve been tailing Monarch I haven’t had a place to rest. I’m amazed at how advanced this base turned out, nice job Tyler.” Breach comments.

“Solid light constructs and tech from the League and JSA never cease to amaze me.” Powergirl replies walking around admiring the quick work done by the android and Kyle.

“I can dig out and upgrade a room for you so you can get out of that containment suit for a little while and get some sleep,” the Torchbearer informs the red and white clad hero, “I’ve done enough construction work with the League to know what you need. You’ll be invaluable to the team with your power and link to Monarch.”

“So is this Monarch guy on our most wanted list?” Talon asks as he sets at the table along with the others.

“Right now, Talon, he’s jumping from world to world to build an army to wipe out the Monitors. Killing them could lead to more trouble for the Multiverse than good,” Kyle says concerned about the former hero, “he’s #1 on the list.”

“Is this gonna take much longer?” Witchfire asks, “I was supposed to be in L.A. four hours ago for a music video shoot. My agent is gonna be sooooo pissed.”

“Tyler, can you help Witchfire with the teleporter?” Kyle asks the android.

Elsewhere in the 52....

A door of energy opens and the man once called Captain Atom steps out in his bulky blue Monarch armor with a Starro in his hand.

“Spread your influence and build us an army.” he says to the creature releasing it as his eyes glow with power.

Days Later at Challengers HQ,

Alarms sound off as Static and Breach rush to the monitor room to meet Tyler.

“What’s going on?” Static asks as Tyler punches in numbers to contact the others.

“Torch Bearer here, what’s the situation Tyler?” Kyle asks on his phone from inside his cabin a few miles away at the Art Retreat.

“There’s been another portal opened, this time on the outskirts of New York City.” Tyler says over the communication link.

“Is there any signs or anything through the portal that might give us a clue of which world is on the other side?” Kyle asks as emerald flames and his costume cover his body.

“It appears that super-powered individuals are under the control of Starros and they’re taking over a large metropolitan city,” Tyler responds, “A city limit sign is coming into view behind what appears to be a man dressed like a clown. The place is called.... ASTRO CITY.”


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So what do you guys think? If I run with this idea anymore I was gonna have a few more cameos from New Earth like Superman and some others. Any suggestions? The Titans maybe? Another Power Co. member? Gimme some suggestions fellas.

Next up though is Astro City!

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