My first blog is actually starting with some quotes from a thread that I was replying to for so long that a slew of other folk had already posted a ton of replies and I thought mine was sort of long winded, so I decided to stick it here.

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Infinite Crisis should've been called Infinite Nonsense. There were too many plots which were unrelated and the story fell under its weight of expectation, promises and build.
The part about Hal punching Bruce, I'm sure was done as an in-joke for the older fans who remember Bruce doing the same to Guy, lo those many years ago; also to re-establish Hal as a guy that likes to use his fists sometimes more than the ring.

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SCW blew my mind and soon became one of my favorite crossovers not billed as an event. This is why it became so cool. The story was great.
SCW was incredible; they really outdid themselves. I think BN started very good but has turned into a bit of a clusterfuck. Most of the crossover books were unnecessary and went nowhere to expand on the main story (so what else is new). I did like the concept of the Doom Patrol crossover but the storyline seems to have disappear up it's own ass. I think the editors should have had more of their books "in the can" so that there weren't weird dichotomies such as having the last of the Flash miniseries released out of current continuity. Also, there were too many 'deus ex machina' ways to either avoid or destroy the Black Lanterns: don't feel emotion; freeze yourself (wouldn't that just make you fodder for a black ring?); Kyle being at the epicenter of a nuclear-like explosion (shouldn't have been enough of him left to bring back); and of course, it will continue on into the next event arc, hopefully with as much finesse as the aftermath of the SCW.

Final Crisis to me will always be the high water mark. It's too bad that they went back to all of their bad habits continuity-wise, and I had high hopes for Zero Hour to try to clear up the mess that they had gotten themselves into again. Oh, well.

After Identity Crisis, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, More Final Crisis, No Really This is Going To Be The Real Last Crisis, No Really This is Going To Be The Really Real Last Crisis Part II, it just boils down to the fact that it will always come back to the status quo. Superman is never going to retire (or age), Bruce will never permanently pass on the cowl, Diana will never pass the lasso of truth on to Donna. These characters are too iconic and too much money is tied up in marketing and merchandising. If the Greek poet Homer were alive today, this would kill him and he'd be a'rollin' in his grave only to be 'resurrected by the editors of DC.

Siege is good but so far they've only killed Ares, who is immortal, so therefore bingo! You know he's coming back. It's only a matter of time before Jan Pym comes back. [3/24/10 11 pm...I just read the newest Mighty Avengers...Arrrrrgghh....I knew it!] I'm still feeling a little cheated and used by the whole death of Cap thing. Unstuck in Time? Like Billy Pilgrim? Whose corpse was buried at sea? Say, I wonder if he ran into Bats while he was out there.