So Saturday, June 12, 2010, my older sister has her engagement party at our parents' house.

We had expanded the pool area and refurnished everything and my stepfather and I had even built a tiki bar (with real bamboo we cut and varnished ourselves) some time back; for the party, we touched things up and fixed a bunch of winter damage to the bar.

About 50 people show and I'm bartender, and pretty good at it (and God, did the party-goers love their mixed drinks, especially root beer vodka (Three Olives brand) with root beer soda, and fresh mojitos).

One of the guests noticed and really liked my right-shoulder tattoo, which is the Locust Horde's Crimson Omen sigil from Gears of War. After he left, I find out he's Antonio Davis, an Olympic hero with an unbeaten record since 1993.

The guy I was serving vodka-soda to is an American icon. Fuck yeah.