Sadly this was my first NDK and I'm really surprised that I had never gone before. It was almost awkward because I didn't have a costume on such short notice, so allz I had to do was pull out my GL shirt The thing that came off as a big shock, which I should have expected, was it was like furry central Lot's of dudes in animal suits... I kinna felt left out, 'cause almost everyone had cat ears but they were $10-25, pretty damn expensive for something I'd only wear once... It was all expensive. Though the costumes were amazing, well most of them. Besides the furries, there were some really good ones, the Gundams were really good and it looked kind of funny how slow they had to walk I saw a few "Lone Wanderers" from Fallout, a Rorschach, 1 GL, lots of ninjas a few from Full Metal Alchemist, I saw a hunter, smoker, and witch from Left 4 Dead, some fat Inuyasha... But overall it was cool, I'd like to go again next year