I stood still, Breathing heavy, Legs about to drop to the floor.

I am Pierce miller, Green Lantern of sector 82551 (Earth). 6Th Human green lantern to be stationed in that sector.
My ring glowed more, I held my hand out (With the ring on it), My uniform felt hot, My glasses (Green Glasses) heavy..

I was aiming at a fellow green lantern, One who had just died, And became a Black Lantern. His name is tarreon. He died of parasites who infested on his body, We were on the planet Gorg to pick up some information on where the ring of all ions were.

The ring of all ions held the power of ALL corps, Allowing the bearer to wield the power of ion through all corps. Unfortunately, It blew up, Now, Its a race to put it back together and wear it to destroy the other side.

My ring was glowing even more.
"Scan Life Readings" I said with a trembling voice.
The ring adjusted its glowing slightly, Increasing its light, Then started to speak the answer.
"No Life Readings, Tarreon has been dead for several minutes, He no longer is a green lantern, Green ring has been turned to black ring, Unknown cause of ring changing, Extremely dangerous, Handle ring with care." It beeped before increasing its light, I focused, and a machine gun flew out of the ring, floating, It shot Tarreon, But all wounds it made had no effect to how he was, "Ring, Identify way to destroy Black Lantern Tarreon!" I yelled over the sound of gunfire and laughing.
"Identifying, Way found, Tarreon is attached to his black lantern ring, Destroying it will destroy all remaining life forces keeping him alive." It beeped once more, Great.
Now all I had to do was get it OFF.

I hate my job.

I dashed over to a wall and ducked for cover as he shot a dark substance at me, It left a mark in the floor, Then suddenly, The floor started to creak, And then it became dark black,
"Ring, Identify Substance!" I yelled.
"Identified. Black Lantern Plague, Conditions:
Turns everything touched into a darkened version of what it used to be, Highly dangerous.

I Jumped off the floor and started to fly, Then I suddenly got really angry, My heart was beating so fast, I couldnt tell what was up, When suddenly, I shot a giant beam of lantern light at his ring, The black ring started to crack, My beam was still going...

The black ring suddenly exploded, A huge amount of dark energy remained, It flew for a sec, Then started to reform as another dark lantern ring, Suddenly, I shot a huge beam to counter it and turn it to a light ring, It worked, Suddenly, It flew onto tarreon, And the floor turned back to its normal color, Tarreon was still dead, I felt no pity after what just happened.

The plague? I had to go check that out with the Guardians.