Welcome, one and all, to The Rogues Gallery!, where we appreciate those who take the time to break the law, and give our heroes a purpose. So, let's get started... (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

--The Black Glove continues their reign of terror in Batman #679. But, in this issue, the Batman (of Zur-en-arrh) starts to fight back. He rebuilds himself as an alien Batman and starts to fight back against those who are responsible for his change of identities. Caligula and King Kraken are both ambushed by the Batman, and Caligula is taken by Batman. But, Doctor Hurt is doing better than either of them, bu beating Alfred and holding him hostage. And, along the way, Doctor Hurt claims to be Dr. Thomas Wayne, and also claims that Bruce is not his son, but is, instead, Alfred's. Is ANY of that true? Time will tell. And the next issue will feature the Joker facing the Batman in Arkham. This oughta be good...

--Killer Moth got a temporary revamp in Booster Gold #11. Posing as Killer Moth, Booster has to complete a robbery to fix the timestream in order for Batman to still exist. But, after he completes the robbery, and returns to the present, he sees that Killer Moth has become the 'Batman' of the villains, a kick-ass villain who will help out your henchmen crew for 20% of the take. Not to mention he LOOKS badass. So, inorder for THIS part of the timestream to be fixed, Booster has to go back and pose as Batman. But, when they all(Booster, Michelle, Skeets, & Rip) arrive, Rip is blasted with Alfred's shotgun, and Alfred holds Booster and Michelle until Batman arrives. Score one for the British butlers.

--Shado made a return appearance in Green Arrow & Black Canary #11. It turns out that Shado was posing as Ra's al Ghul, and formed her new 'Shadow League'. Apparently, she hired them to kill some political official first. Then, she ordered them to kill Green Arrow, but the sniper missed and clipped Conner Hawke, so she was forced to kidnap him. And, for some reason, Plastic Man... The reason so far is unknown, but will be revealed next issue, at the culmination of the arc, most likely.

--We had several villains pop up in Green Lantern Corps #27. One villain making a return appearance was Mongul, after his supposed demise in the last issue. He rose from the Mercy plants, and fled the planet. But, the plants seemed to be fusing with him. I guess what that was about will be explain in later issues. Anyways, the second villain making an appearance was a new Sinestro Corps member, who slaughtered the entire families of new recruits into the Green Lantern Corps. Lantern Saarek, using his mystical powers, was able to pull an image of the killer from on of the eyes, The killer, though a Sinner, IMO, appeared to look like Morro, the crypt keeper whom Saarek had spoken with earlier. But, time will tell who the killer is.

--Also, Dr. Light got his ASS handed to him(Though, really he got melted) while trying to rape some chicks in Final Crisis: Revelations. He got melted by the Spectre. Just thought I'd point that out.

So, that's it for me this week. And, like always, I leave you with artwork of a great DC villain. And, this week, I leave you with a black & white of the Prince of Debstam IV, and Sinestro Corps tyrant, MONGUL:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without villains, there'd be no heroes.