We're BAAAAAAACK! The Rogues Gallery! is back, resuming it's normal schedule! So, without further intro, let's get movin' on it...


--Deathstroke made a triumphant return this week in Batgirl #4, as he took on Ravager and Batgirl. The story started off with the threesome of Marque, Ravager, and Batgirl finding the place where most of David Cain's "daughters" were being kept. Just then, Dethstroke swoops in, and knocks Marque and Ravager through a window(Batgirl dodging), and alerting the Daughters to their presence. After Deathstroke did battle with Ravager, defeating her AGAIN, he turned his attention to Batgirl. After they fight, and Deathstroke is up against the wall (literally), it is revealed that then entire base is laced with wall-to-wall C4. Batgirl manages to alert Marque and Ravager, and the three escape in time, as Deathstroke detonates the explosives, destroying a big piece of Cain's army. After the three split ways due to differences, Batgirl finds out that they were going to use the Daughters to kill someone in the Superhero community, and cripple it. Batgirl then finds out, at the end of the book, that it was in fact Oracle they're going to hunt down, and kill.

--Booster Gold took a strange turn this week, as Starro made an appearance in Booster Gold #13. Attaching himself to Rip Hunter after Daniel traveled back to when Starro was invading Earth, and hitching a ride back, he planned to set out in pursuit of conquering Earth. And, he does. The world falls under Starro's influence, and Booster has to travel back to stop him. He finds that Starro took advantage of the Black Plague and distributed the Starro spores, calling them cures. Soon, he won. After Booster thwarts that attempt, he finds that the world in the future is now Starro's own personal kingdom, with villains such as Grundy, Grodd, and Chemo as his own soldiers. Booster is forced to be taken there, and tries to defeat the forces, but can't. Then, he's thrown in a pit os Starros, after being told their next and last Time Master target: Booster's son.

--SHIT. WENT. DOWN. In this week's Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #2. As the Legion gathered their forces, scattered across space, The Super-Villains mounted their attack, and began a fierce fight against Wildfire, Dawnstar, Blok, and White Witch. Also aiding them was the last of the Green Lanterns- Rond Vidar. As Superboy-Prime's Legion met with the heroes, presently battling Mordru, he sought out to kill Vidar, citing that he hates Green Lanterns. Anyways, after a long fight, Rond finally fell at the hands of Prime. His ring then dispatched, looking for a replacement. But, not being able to find one, it retreated to Oa, where a hand calmed the ring, and de-powered it. As that happened, Superman discussed plans with the Legion on how to win. Brainiac came up with a plan, and dispatched the Legion to different areas of space and time. Brainy used White Witch's power to summon two other Legions to them, Mon-El and Shadow Lass were sent to find help on Oa, a Daxamite, and Superman and the rest of Legion went to meet Superboy's Legion. In the end, Brainy was convincing the other two Legions to help them, Superman and Superboy, and the Legions, were in battle, and Mon-El and Shadow Lass found who they were looking for: Sodam Yat- The Last GUARDIAN of the Universe.

--The Rogues' odyssey came to a triumphant close this week in Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #3. The Rogues trudged their way to the observatory, the place where Murdon finally turned to a life of crime by killing his brother, who was going to turn him in to the police for robbing a bank. There, at the observatory, they located Inertia, with Zoom. They then left to confront the man who had ruined their lives even further. As they confronted him, Pied Piper also showed up, as did Libra, carrying Murdon's son, and he was delivered an ultimatum: Join Libra, or see his son die. But, before Murdon could answer, Inertia got bored. Finally, being fed up, and having mastered the art of manipulating time, Inertia destroyed Murdon's son, then altered time. Never having the Time Treadmill blow up in his face, Zoom was sent back to being powerless in a wheelchair. Then, the Rogues, together, managed to finally kill Inertia, and deliver him to the police. They then all retreated back to the basement of the Speedster Museum, where they would wait out the coming Crisis. And, after Libra mentioning earlier about Barry Allen's return, the Rogues decided that, if he is really back, all the rules are out, and they'll go back to raising Hell.

--Titans got Hellish this week in Titans #6. After being turned by the Sons of Trigon, we were introduced to the OTHER 'Deadly' Sins- Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed(MY personal favorite ). After being informed that Raven had been taken by Gar, Donna revealed she had a way to find her. Raven had given her a magical artifact, called a Ramat Stone, that could track whomever it was linked to; In this case, Raven. They used it to open a portal to Trigon's realm, and confronted the Sins. After nearly being defeated, Raven killed all the other Sins, took their power, and planned to transform her Titans, her true family, into the Sins incarnate. All except Garfield, who would transform the others, then die in the process. But, before Raved could, a sentient piece of Raven's soul, the GOOD half, appeared from the Ramat Stone, and defeated her evil self. Then, she teleported them back home. Then, after all was restored, she told them that the only way she could feel safe around the Titans was for them to learn how to wield magical artifacts, which could kill her, should this ever happen again. The Titans reluctantly agreed. Then, a new threat appeared. But, it wasn't a threat at all. It was Jericho, still in Match's body. And, though he could control Match, he discovered that he couldn't get out of Match's body. He is presently stuck in the Superboy clone's body.

Well, that was a HELL of a week for comics. But, now has come the time for me to depart. But, before I say farewell, I'll leave you with DOUBLE the art this week, and apology for last week. THis week, I leave you with both The Weather Wizard, Mark Murdon, and that Undead Hulk, Solomon Grundy!

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. because, with the villains, there'd be no heroes.


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