Welcome back, to The Rogues Gallery! This week was CRAAAAAAAAZY! Let's live it again!


--Heroes and villains alike teamed up this week in Final Crisis: Submit, as Black Lightning, one of the last remaining heroes, was forced to forge an alliance with none other than the Tattooed Man. The book started with Jefferson delivering... papers. Anyways, he is being hunted by the Justifiers, and is knocked down. Then, reluctantly, the Tattooed Man and his son join in the fight, fight off the Justifiers, and rescue Jefferson. They bring him back to their safehouse, until he regains consciousness. At which time, he says they ALL have to leave, as the Justifiers were tracking them through the internet that TM's wife used asking the heroes to save them, which is the REAL reason Jefferson was in the area. So, they all make a break for a S.H.A.D.E. safepoint to get to one of the six Watchtowers. As they nearly reach the checkpoint, the Justifiers catch up to them. As this happens, Jefferson gives Tattooed Man a special circuit to remember, as Jeff goes to fight the Justifiers, giving the Tattooed Man a choice; To do the right thing, or not. He then goes to fight the Justifiers, as TM's family escapes. Then, the last scene we see is Jefferson burning a book disagreeing with Darkseid's word, he himself under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation.

--APOCALYPTIC-SIZED SHIT went down this week in Final Crisis #4. We start in on the Ray arriving at JLA HQ in Washington, D.C., meeting with fellow rebels heroes Green Arrow, Black Canary, and the 'New' Tornado Twins, and Iris Allen and Linda West. Also, he has, in tow, the Tattooed Man, now their ally. Ray, using his powers, establishes an old villains communication line, linking all the Watchtowers together. As the communications fall shortly after they are established, the heroes know that Ray can move them to space, for temporary safety. But, Green Arrows stays behind to buy them time, as the Justifiers march on the HQ. And, unfortunately, Green Arrow is brought down, and turned into a Justifier. Meanwhile, back in Bludhaven, Dan Turpin is being incubated and prepared to become the new host to Darkseid, as Kalibak is revealed, a new Tiger/Human Hybrid. Also, in the future, Wally and Barry have a happy reunion. They go to where Iris is, and Barry, using the Speed Force, breaks the Anti-Life Equation held over her. As we cut back to the heroes, they continue their fight against the Justifiers, and Super-Justifiers, some of them heroes. Then, Mister Miracle, symbolizing their only possible chance at freedom, arrives at the Switzerland Castle, and is gunned down by S.H.A.D.E. in the confusion. As he is gunned down, Dan Turpin's body, mind, and soul are all beaten down, and he is brought Darkseid's crown. As he is crowned, he is told to give a Thumbs Up, meaning the human spirit prevailed, or a Thumbs Down, meaning to start a day of never-ending holocaust. He gives a thumbs down.

Well, it was a short, but crazy-as-Hell week in comics. And, now, I must depart. But, first, I leave you with a piece of art depicting one of our great villains. So, this week, I leave you with the Prophet of Darkseid, LIBRA:

And, also, because he OWNED this week in comics, I leave you with the only villain honored TWICE so far in The Rogues Gallery, The Lord of Apokalips, DARKSEID!:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without villains, there'd be no heroes.