WELCOME BACK! Kickin' off this week in comics with a special early edition, I welcome you to The Rogues Gallery! So, let's get started...


--Anansi continued to spin his web this week in Justice League of America #26, as he spun a tale of a modern Elseworlds. Set in an alternate reality, and without the teammates she knew, Vixen tried to navigate her way through the world, seeking help in defeating Anansi. She found her way, first, to Paladin, about to assassinate Catwoman. But, when he does so, it APPEARS that he misses, but the shot was merely deflected by David Kim, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, and is ambushed by Jim Gordon, who knows who he is, and is about to arrest him. Vixen enters the scene when Paladin tries to shoot Gordon(Although, he laster says he was only aiming to disable the gun), and fails. She then tells the three her story, how she needs their help, and they accept. They then seek out Wonder Woman at the Fortress, where she confirms Vixen's story with her lasso. They then call back the entire Justice League, and enter Anansi's realm. There, he uses his powers to turn them on Vixen. But, Vixen reacts by threatening to destroy the Tantu Totem, and gets Anasi to bring her real friends back. Then, Anasi reveals he is, in fact, not evil, but was testing her. He said he may need her in the future, and needed to see if she could adapt to what he would need of her. Finally, he sets her, and her team, free, and back in their rightful universe, with Vixen knowing that, if Anasi should ever call on her, she would have to come.

--The Titans got all shook up this week in Teen Titans #64, as Wonder Girl continued with her power problems, and the whole team had to deal with the return of Bombshell. As they closed in on Bombshell, it was revealed by her father that someone is misusing the Quantum Soldiers for their own needs. Then, the Titans burst in, and try to subdue her. As they attempt to do so, Cassie is called back by her father, Zeus, to explain what was happening with her powers. It was revealed that Ares had been working to train a new prospect, Lycus, Cassandra's nephew. Each time Lycus murders omeone near her, she gets weaker, and he gets stronger. Also, he has been granted a Hellhound(Sound Familiar?). So, with this knowledge, Zeus returned her to her world. Meanwhile, the Titans continued to battle Bombshell. And, although they subdued her, she quickly escaped, and was about to kill them before her father stepped in, stopped Bombshell, and explained the situation. As they all calm down, and agree to let Bombshell stay at Titans Tower for the duration of her father's investigation as to who's been misusing their power, they get a call from Cassie. She is back at her boarding house. As we see a man ascend the steps, we see the Hellhound growl at him. Next thing we know, Cassie falls to her knees, and Lycus stands over her, Hellhound behind him, and a dead body in the hallway. As to how it will play out- only the next issue will tell.

--OK, and now, the CREAM of the CROP, the BEST of the BEST this week... FINAL CRISIS: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS TOTALLY delivered on a kick-ass promise! As we start in, Atrocitus was commencing a ritual to summon his Red Lantern Ring, crystallized in the blood of the Inversions. He rises out, fully emersed in his Red uniform, and dripping and vomiting blood. Next, we cut to Hal being called back to Oa to escort Sinestro to Korugar for the execution. But, before he goes, he talks with Carol about how he feels about it. After being justified(Though he says he didn't need it), he heads off for Oa. Then, in yet another story, Ash is closing in on his target, and must enter Sector 666. Scar grants him permission, and he enters. Meanwhile, the Guardians conviene a meeting, discussing the state of the execution, and how they cannot let the information of Sinestro's transport get out(Scar says this with the SinCorps emblem in her eye). So, back in the main story, Hal visits Sinestro, and Sinestro asks him if he thinks his execution is just. Hal responds with a yes, then an emotional back-and-forth. Then, we cut away, yet again, to the Red Lanterns, amassing their numbers and preparing to strike against the Sinestro Corps, and those who have PERSONALLY wronged them, like Vice, who's mate was eaten by Arkillo. Then, we see the Controllers going towards the Orange Light(YAY! ), hidden in the Vega System, off-limits to GLs. As the Controllers discuss taking the light, we see a voice call out, "NO! It's MINE! It'll ALL be MINE!" Then, we cut back, yet again, to the Lanterns(and Alpha-Lanterns) transporting Sinestro. As they do so, an ambush is launched by the more prominant Sinestro Corps Members to free Sinestro. Then, in mid-ambush, the Red Lanterns strike, and kill nearly everyone, aside from Hal, John, the Alpha-Lanterns, and a few minor characters. But, then, as Hal's power is about to fade, he is charged up to 200% power, and saved by Saint Walker, the BLUE LANTERN. Then, they set out to save Sinestro in order to prevent the Blackest Night. And... SCENE!

Well, folks, it was a craaaaaaaaazy week in comics, and I covered what I could, but, now, i take my leave. But, before I leave, enjoy this piece of artwork, depicting the 5th dimensional reality-twisting imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without thw villains, there'd be no heroes.