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Well, this is it, folks. This is my 'full moon', or whatever you'll call it. Only 1 comic to review this week. What can I say? Slim pickings...

--We saw a glimmer of hope this week in Final Crisis: Resist, as the Human Race captured on shot at a rebellion. We start out in Antarctica, where Fire and Thomas Jagger standing guard over the Checkmate base. Suddenly, a Anti-Life controlled Ice sprung out of the water, converted Jagger and Fire, and lead a charge against the Checkmate base from within. Seeking refuge, Mr. Terrific, Taleb Khalid, Sasha Bordeaux, Thinker, and Snapper Carr seal themselves in a saferoom. But, Sasha, infected, is forced to shut down to save everyone. Seeking to do something other than hide, they commision Snapper Carr, and his teleporting abilities, to wreak havoc on Darkseid's resources, weapons, ect. After their first strike, they recieved a call from Firehawk on the Watchtower, and Snapper was sent to investigate, only to be ambushed by an Anti-Life infected Firehawk. As soon as it looked like Snapper got the upper hand, Cheetah showed up and mauled Firehawk, then made a getaway. But, before doing so, she sniffed Snapper to know how to indentify uninfected beings. After days of sabotage, the team needs medical supplies, and sends Snapper to find some. But, he finds Cheetah again, and wounded. After stitching her up, Cheetah pounces (No pun intended) Snapper, and the two do the deed. Afterwards, they are caught by Grodd, and he tries to capture them. But Snapper teleports out, leaving Cheetah behind. Then, out of guilt, he teleports back, grabs her, and leaves one final time back to the base. But, Grodd had released a virus which neutralized Snapper's abilities. Seeing no other way out, the group was on the verge of giving up, when Mr. Terrific gets an idea. He decides to awaken Sasha, and use her to activate the OMAC gene in various humans, and build up a resistance. He does so by using the Code Zoo, a group of sentient A.I.s and aggresive programming. They use these programs to carry the payload, and, soon, the OMACs are triggered, and they start to converge on Antarctica. They clear out the base of the infected, and then the entire squad moves out to resist Darkseid's rule.

Well, though it was only one comic, it was a DAMN GOOD comic. And, as usual, I leave you with some artwork. But, please accept a second piece, as a way of me saying, "There'll be more next week!" So, I leave you with the animalistic villains of Cheetah and Grodd:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without the villains, there'd be no heroes.