Once again, welcome to THE ROGUES GALLERY! I know it's a bit late, but, that aside, I'll get started now.


--We had a villains bonanza this week in Batman: Cacophony. We started out with Deadshot being sent to kill Joker, and ALMOST doing it, but get's interrupted by Kevin Smith's original villain Onomatopoeia, who saves the Joker from Deadshot. We then cut to Victor Zsasz, who has just killed 2 adults, then is about to move on to the children, before he is caught by Batman and beaten. He saves them, then gets the call from Gordon saying that Joker has escaped; a 'Code: Green'. Batman then proceeds to interrogate a disarmed Deadshot, finding out that Maxie Zeus, a former crime lord, has been cutting Joker's Venom and mixing it with ecstasy, making a powerfully-high drug, making him a profit. The Joker then proceeds to call out Zeus into a gang war, by destroying a school filled with children. We end the issue with Onomatopoeia looking on the burning school.

--We continued our future mash-up this week with Booster Gold #14, where Booster had to stop Starro from ruling the world. After being tossed into the Starro pit, he manages to shake them, distract the villains, and find the last ice weapon available to take out the Starros. Though, he only takes out one on a time-traveling minion of Chronos'. She then grabs Booster, and the two travel back in time to stop Starro at his power-play: controlling all the heroes and enticing them into killing each other, wiping them out. So, they go back, and stop Starro from ever getting control over them. But, there was a catch; in order for the villain he freed to help him in the first place, he had to agree to let her go, and do a favor for her, no questions asked. So, when they get back to Rip's lab, they discover Chronos there, destroying the Starro spawn that controlled Rip, and stealing his notes for their own use. So, we close the issue with Rip and Booster in the Time Stream, trying to find any more anomolies.

--Conner Hawke's life took an odd turn this week in Green Arrow and Black Canary #14. Following an examination done by Batman and Doctor Mid-Nite, they had concluded that Conner had healing abilities from Plastic Man's DNA, and an increased pain tolerance. But, as a result, he remembers almost nothing. He remembers his family, who they are, but he doesn't remember any life around them. As a result, he can't remember how to shoot an arrow, which gets Ollie thinking that maybe he should keep him out of the hero business. But, before he can decide anything, Conner has gone missing. He then turns up taking out a criminal group of drug peddlers. He is interrutpted by Ollie, but only after Conner has taken them all out. Afterwards, the two have a talk about what Conner's future holds, ultimately ending with Conner deciding to take the Green Arrow mantle up again. Finally, we close on Ollie and Dinah, happy that their life seems to finally be getting back to normal... well, normal for a hero family, at least.

--We saw more violet this week in Green Lantern Corps #30, as the Guardians carried out their mission to Zamaron, to try and get them to stop using the Violet color. As they proceeded to talk, Scar confided in Sodam that he is the failsafe of the trip; That, if things go bad, he is to use the Ion power to incinerate the Violet power battery, and as many Zamarons as he can. As they proceed, they find that the Zamarons are re-programming Karu-Sil, Fatality, and Kiriazis to feel love again. After a bit of a debate between the Zamarons and Guiardians, we cut to Kyle, Natu, and others closing in on Kryb. They get word that Kryb is stealing a child, and Amnee bursts in and stops Kryb, with the other Lanterns arriving for back-up. With the combined powers, however, they, along with the sector house, are sent flying towards the planet it orbits. Then, we cut back to the Guardians, leaving Zamaron. After they arrive back on Oa, they call a meeting, and decide to rule that physical relationships and love between Lanterns be forbidden in the Corps.

--Jericho made his return in Titans #7 this week. After being stuck within Match's body, he can't get out, and asks the Titans for help. After figuring out how to free Jericho, Match gains control over Jericho, and rampages against the Titans, with Jericho being able to do nothing. After a drawn-out fight, Raven attempts to reach in Match's mind, and calm him down. But, sees something, and is thrown out. Finally, using a weapon designed by Cyborg, they free Jericho. But, before anyone can get near Jericho, Raven reveals that Jericho was the one in control the whole time. Then, Jericho activates an EMP, and takes out the lights. But, when they come back on, he's seemingly gone, but Nightwing figures out that he's inside on of the Titans.

Well, that was this week in comics. And, before I go, I leave you with villainous artwork. This week, depicting that evil two-in-one crime boss, Two-Face:

So, remember, always appreciate the villains. Because, without the villains, there'd be no heroes.