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I havent been posting as much because...

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  • I havent been posting as much because...

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to share something very personal right now. I havent been posting as much as of late. A few posts here and there, but not really as much as I used to. And its because Ive just gone through a very big loss in my life and Im still wrestling with the ramifications of it.

    My dad passed away April 20th after a very short, but difficult fight with lung cancer. He passed away at home on hospice and I was at his side for his final moments.

    Im still coming to grips with the fact that I have lost both my parents to the same disease and am trying to figure out how to go about my life right now. I know I have a long journey ahead of me right now and I know it will be tough. But I felt like I needed to just share with everyone here, about this mainly to let you know that probably wont be posting as much for a while, if at all.

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    sorry to hear that man
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      Sorry for the loss, live your life, be strong.

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        Im so sorry man


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          Condolences, Jeffi.


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            My condolences, mine passed away from heart failure (8 years ago today actually) so I know what you're going through, it sucks but it will get better, I assure you

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              My sympathies.
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                My condolences bro.


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                  my apologies Jeff, and U take as much time as U need to come thru this bro............


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                    My condolences. It is a good thing that you were there.


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                      Originally posted by Jeffi.Kaiser View Post
                      I havent been posting as much as of late.
                      Yea me neither.


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                        Sorry to hear bout yer loss.

                        Knowing you, I'm sure you'll find a way to cope and deal with this.

                        Be strong bro.

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                          I buried my dad nine years ago. I am so very sorry for your loss.
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                            Sorry to hear that, man.

                            You'll be in my prayers.


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                              My condolences, Kaiser.