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A fistfight, no rings... who would win in Hal vs. John?

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  • A fistfight, no rings... who would win in Hal vs. John?

    I would tend to think John Stewart. Marines are trained to be the equivalent of ten men in a battle (I believe this even holds up in court... whenever an off-duty Marine gets in trouble in a fight, they're looked upon/disciplined much more severely in military court).

    Hal? He's just a halfway decent scrapper with maybe some Air Force basic training under his belt.

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    I'd say John SHOULD win, especially as things are now. He seems to be drawn as, physically, pretty imposing (though Hal, and really any hero, is also pretty buff) and likely has the better training.

    But you never know what the writer will cook up. I mean, Hal was putting in a pretty decent showing against KILOWOG earlier in this run without rings, and I would expect Kilowog to win rather handily under those circumstances against Hal OR John, so who knows.


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      John, Former Marine vs. Air Force exile (at one point).

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        Hal is a scrapper.

        John is a bull dog.

        I'd say it could go either way....

        That's the nature of fighting unless one opponent INSANELY outclasses another.

        Kilowog kicks both their asses.


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          John,hands down.


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            JOHN has a few things going for him without a ring....he has always been depicted as on tough sob, growing up on the streets,and now he has marine training under his belt.the one problem with john is that I have never seen him beat anyone in hand to hand ,as i said before i never see john without his ring.

            HAL has plenty of experience under his belt,hand to hand he has defeated guy gardner twice at least,a sinestro copy whos neck he broke ,he has stood his ground against kilowog,fought green arrow one on one to a draw,
            its hard to say until we see john use some hand to hand stuff.


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              hmmmm the age old question. One one hand you have a Marine, the other an Airman who would win...... It really depends on the individual. I mean in my day I have seen Marines who yes are trained to take on 10 guys fall to one scraggly little 18 year old fresh outa' boot Army Grunt. Hal has been around the block a time or two. If I recall he enjoyed boxing but, I don't recall if he trained in boxing or not. Hmmm tough call. I gotta go with Hal.
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                John would win without ring but Hal would win with rings.


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                  Originally posted by The Deadpool View Post
                  John would win without ring but Hal would win with rings.
                  Are you sure? John kind of shamed Hal in Mosaic. And Johns went out of his way to tell us John's willpower exceeds his ring... Hal's ring has never said that.


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                    John is a fucking Marine. Nuff said


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                      This happened in secret origin you know?


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                        Vol 2 + 3. John = Archetect / Hal = Test Pilot

                        - Hal. He spent a large portion of his early carrier using his fists. He's taken out aliens that were physically stronger than him, many times.

                        Vol 4. John = Marine / Hal = Air Force

                        - John. Bigger, badder, and better trained.
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                          if youre going to post this in the John Stewart section who do you think will get more votes? lol
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                            Current comic continuity, John wins. He's a Marine. Semper Fi.


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                              I voted for Hal simply because he seems to be the kind to throw more punches in life.