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The Original Prophecy

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  • The Original Prophecy

    Here are all 12 pages of the original story the Prophecy came from in it's pre-Geoff-Conned form from Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps.

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Page 4

    Page 5

    Page 6

    Page 7

    Page 8

    Page 9

    Page 10

    Page 11

    Page 12

    Owned by Natu
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    Itīs kind of a freaky art.


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      Interesting tidbit: The same creative team (writer and artist) later went on to create the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


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        It reminded me of those Renaissance paintings of demons fighting angels and the like. The images are freaking grotesque!


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          Well, Quill did say that he has lied some to Abin. So the prophecy cannot be taken word for word. Also, Ranx failed at killing Mogo, the Weaponers are not in any shape at killing anyone right now, and Quill said it will happen after untold millenia. But then again he did know about Hal so Quill can see the future and can interperit it fairly well.

          What interests me now is the first couple pages mentioned the demons of the empire were not dead but disembodied and physically powerless. And their essences haunt the world now. Plus their necromatic powers were mentioned. So this could bring up another enemy that could have trapped the Antimoniter other than Nekron. It could either be the bodyless demons of the Empire of tears or something that still haunts the planet brought on by their necromatic practices. In issue 25 the voices did instantly identify the Antimoniter just as they did Abin sur here.


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            Wow, I love when an old story line comes back into play, Thanks for the Pages DA. now I'll have to see if I can find that issue to add to my colletion!


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              I bet no one at DC ever thought this story would ever rise up out of obscurity ever again.


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                Thanks DA! very useful, I tried to find this comic, but failed at it.


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                  You know, in an interview Jhons said that the prisoners of Yasmault were not omniecent. Not all knowing. And that, like all prophecies, it could amount to something ... or nothing. I think the idea was, not that Quill was lying, but that he got it wrong, ultimately. At least that part, since (now) there's more prophecies.

                  That said, yeah it was interesting to read that the prisoners of Yasmault were real demononic spirits. That's a retcon right there because now they are definately flesh and blood.

                  And the tie-in was very, very sweet indeed.


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                    Very cool. I hadn't read that befroe. Thanks Andrea!


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                      Not a problem guys, given the importiance of these pages I figured we needed them posted for reference.



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                        That said, yeah it was interesting to read that the prisoners of Yasmault were real demononic spirits. That's a retcon right there because now they are definately flesh and blood.
                        No, they aren't.
                        1- The only thing said it's they were massacred in sector 666. When they are in mortal form, they can be killed, and they occupy a sector. That's all.
                        2- In the prophecy (the "new") it's said that: -the Empire of Tears, finally released from "entombment"(...)-
                        You cannot "entomb" a flesh & bone being, and even less expect that they will be released!.

                        P.S. Sticky this thread!


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                          I agree; this thread should be stickied.

                          due to D_A's posting of the original story, now atleast we dont have to recount it each time for every other person that asks about it........simply point them here.

                          btw- nice job there D_A.

                          That Evil, Yellow Bastiche
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                          Originally posted by Andrew NDB
                          Geoff Johns should have a 10 mile restraining order from comic books, let alone films.


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                            I second that. (the sticky part)

                            And I think you "can" entomb a flesh and blood being? Why can't you? Why can't I stick someone in a box, lay them in a mausoleum, and entomb them there. Then maybe I'll change my mind a few weeks later and dig them out and apologize. I'm sure it happens all the time


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                              It would die because the lack of food, oxygen, etc. And these were not weeks, these were milennia.