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  • Jonny Vu's Lantern Customs

    Welcome to my custom lantern thread.
    Feel free to comment and say whatever you like.
    Give me Ideas cause i would love to hear from you guys.
    I have tons of extra DCUC Lantern figure in boxes.

    Sinestro Crops - Tri-eye
    So this one was kinda fun. Doesn't look the best but. I had a bunch of LOW heads.
    So i just cut them up and used them. Everything else was sculpted.
    I swear there is more detail but the camera is kinda broken
    Haven't really tried to sculpt anything thing like this but i think it meets my standards

    Green Lantern - Raz

    This one is an original too. Head was sculpted.
    base was Abin sur black lantern.
    Used the arms and legs from titanium man from Ironman movie 1
    Kinda looks like a skinny ninja/robot

    Sinestro Crops - Lazarus
    Use some halo figure for the head and legs.
    I also have SO MANY LOW/MASH so i used
    low's hands and took mashes jaw and put it
    on the head for an extra scare.
    I'll take new pictures of this so u can see the details

    He was not raised from the dead after 4 days but Lazarus
    tortures his victims for 4 days after ending their lives.
    He has a unbelievable skills on extracting information on his victims.
    A great addition to the Sinestro Crops

    Sinestro Corps - Freddy Krueger
    Fear, who do you think of when the word fear is whispered in your ear?
    Evading earth and destroying everything just isn’t enough for The Sinestro Corps.
    Fear is the theme and with that The Sinestro Corps searches for Freddy Krueger.
    Pulling him out of the endless possibilities in the world of dreams.
    Reality no longer making Freddy Krueger a powerless burnt undead man.
    All thanks to the yellow ring. Fear is what Freddy Krueger knows and now you will too.

    Sinestro Crops - Wolverine
    was just a head swap and added some bobby pins for claws.
    I think i'll do more to him tho.

    Green Lantern Batman
    I just popped the head and cape on and popped it on Kyle rayners body.

    Sinestro Corps - The Hybrids
    The true origins of the Chimera are unknown,
    but it is known that at least 60 million years ago
    the Chimera controlled Earth.
    They came back evading Earth and turning humans into Chimera Hybrids.
    The Hybrids were part human using cooling injection packs to sustain life.
    The Resistance was able to fight and eliminating the entire Chimera alien
    race on Earth but that is not with still Pure Chimera roaming the galaxy.
    During the battle, three Chimera Hybrid in a single shuttle pod were able to
    escape later being discovered on the planet Qward by Octillious of Sinestro
    Corps. With vigorous studies of the three Chimera Hybrids, Sinestro Corps
    reconstructs the brain using the human part to control them and Chimera
    side of the brain to awake the warriors within. Naming them with the code
    name “The Hybrids”

    Sinestro Corps -Vistro
    Vistro was the right hand man of an alien crime mob boss named Tempus.
    As his boss grew older and order was restored
    in the galaxy due to the Green Lanterns.
    Tempus decided to shut down and live a normal life.
    Vistro wasn’t too happy about this and didn’t understand because he enjoyed the power way too much.
    He then set search the Anti-Matter Universe
    for the Sinestro Corps, showing them all his Fear and might.

    Sinestro Corps - Octillious
    DCUC Low/mash
    Head and legs are From so Ben10 Figures

    When Octillious was a young-ling he was kidnapped from his family and
    brought to a remote a planet to become a slave.
    After years of hard ship, Octillious and fellow slaves
    decide to rebel, trying to escape.
    Octillious managed to escape but had no where to hide but underground.
    As years pass living in the shadows, eating garbage and remembering nothing of his pass.
    All that mattered was how to survive another day.
    Octillious no long a little boy, uses his strength and fear to cheat, lie and steal just to survive.
    The Sinestro Corps setting an evasion on the planet to recruit new members
    came across Octillious after taking down two Sinestro Corps member with just his hands.
    Offing him to join. Octillious realizes anything could be
    better then what he was going through and that
    this will be the closest thing he will ever come to having a family.
    The Sinestro Corps

    Fatality's Blacksmith
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    Excellent work!!

    keep'em coming!

    Bring on CHAOS, bring on MY HAPPINESS, bring on rage ..Rage ..RAGE!!!

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      Great customs


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          Those are pretty damn impressive, nice work!
          Winner: Reality TV draft 2014

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            Originally posted by Maverick_GL View Post
            Those are pretty damn impressive, nice work!
            I agree


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              Added 3 more Customs!
              Thanks for the love again guys!


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                Lookin good man!


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                  Again thanks for all the love. I can't get enough!

                  Green Lantern - Deadpool
                  So i made this awhile back. Just forgot to take pictures.
                  Need to retouch it.

                  Fatality's Blacksmith
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                    I know this isn't a lantern but...

                    I finally got around on trying to finish my 12inch Deadpool
                    I was hunting for weapons but then I decided I'd jut make them

                    Deadpool was made from Dare Devil 12inch Hasbro icons
                    This was my 1st time Sculpting and used some rubber wires
                    to make the suit.
                    The guns are from a G.I Joe movie figure
                    Sword i took some Cocktail sticks and painted them.
                    Also used Leather straps to hold his weapons up.
                    Didn't get around to making his Iconic belt logo cause
                    I ran out of red paint. I love this guy


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                      My attempt at trying to make myself into a figure
                      I'm now apart of the Sinestro Crops.
                      Used DCUC Low/Mash
                      Sculpted hair using Sculpty. Its a lot better then the epoxy clay
                      because i can take my time with it.
                      then just dip it in Boiling water.
                      Added Some minor attachments
                      Now i can play with myself!


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                        Nice work.

                        That 12" Deadpool is awesome.


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                          I need to come to your house and steal some of your yellow lanterns



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                            So I wanted to make a Venom
                            but had no head to sculpt it on so i used Arkillo
                            I think Arkillo head i a little bit to wide but oh well.
                            I still like the out come.
                            Got 3 tongues too
                            He can be Sinestro crops Venom or
                            The Symbiotiote from Venom took over Arkillo body!

                            Something about blue paint. I just love it


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                              Sinestro Crop - Constrictor
                              This one was quick.
                              Just a little bit of sculpting