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  • Zachary Davis

    This 15 year old kid is the scariest person I've ever seen. Nobody could make up a character like him.

    Trey Strain
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    I also watched his appearance on Dr. Phil, and his demeanor was somewhat less menacing there. I imagine the jail staff had put him on psych meds,

    Anybody who interacted with him should have realized that something was dreadfully wrong. If his mother was clueless, his school should have aggressively intervened.

    As he got older his head took on an unusual shape. And I doubt that his voice always sounded that way. It was as if he had a endocrine imbalance or something like that.

    He was very intelligent though. His writings are impressive.

    Neither show went into what kind of grades he made or whether he was bullied. Those were obvious topics for examination.