Today in the Hunt....

Target - nothing

My wife went to Walmart and told me they had the entire Garden section full of Pallets of mostly toys, she looked for me and actually got in trouble with some Wallyworld associate

anyway She saw lots of Marvel Hasbro stuff not much Mattel DC or Mattel at all other then Barbie........

Well my Walmart is a 24hour place and I know they drop pallets around 10pm and start stocking - so I head out to see whats new as tons of pallets smells like a full reset to me!!

I get there every damn thing is changed except of course all the Bat Kiddie toys and Hulk Movie toys and all the standards, I scope out the 6 Pallets that are on the floor..... I see one Mattel box

"The Dark Knight Movie Masters" - huh what???? Ok everywhere has been full of Wave 2 as of late.... so I grab an associate and say "open that box dude!" - it's fucking wave 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The case is 2 TDK Batman , and 2 TDK Jokers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I excited? Weeeeellllllll anyone read Toy Fare today? this Figure is the number one trading Figure and is selling for 85 dollars! Holy Shit I hit the fucking Mega load - I paid 24 bucks for both figures. At least one will hit eBay tomorrow and I will provide the link here for first crack.

I hate scalpers as much as the next but in this case I have no choice it is my duty to make some money of the Bat for once myself (anyone read Booster Gold today?)

So my shitting Walmart that stocks almost nothing has been fucking hording in the back room! and It finally has paid off for me!

Still no DCUC Wave 3 though but the Garden Center was closed down but it was still full of Toy Pallets looks like Walmart is on my list for the forseable future at least until they empty out the Garden Center and I see what there is to be seen.

on a side note if anyone wants a DC Superfriends Batplane thing They have 4 for 15 bucks a pop but they are big so it will be a bit to ship it, though I'm happy to help

They also have Legendary Heroes Conan 2 pack, SuperPatriot both Savage Dragons and at least one Witchblade for 5 bucks each

I'm just giddy over the Joker Figure!

Join me next time in The Eternal Hunt.......