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Solomon Grundy (DCUC C&C Wave 3, Mattel)

As you know the Grundy figure was the Collect & Connect for DCUC Wave 3, the wave featuring Hal Jordan and Sinestro as the anchors.

Sinestro - Leg
Deathstroke - Arm
Nightwing - Torso/Head
Robin - Arm
Green Lantern - Leg

sorry about the fuzzyness I need a new camera
Hal faces off against Grundy
After I snapped Grundy together I stood him up next to my other figures and he towers over damned everyone, the Wave 2 C&C Grodd only comes up to Grundy shoulder. He is massive, the only figure I own that is larger is the DCD IC Mongul Figure.

Scale, DCUC C&C Grodd, DCUC C&C Gurndy, DCD Mongul

So I love the size and I love this figure, The sculpt is amazingly done by The Four Horsemen. and for once Mattel did a good job on the paint. It features 23 POA all but one thigh cut on my figure came in just the right 'looseness' as you know if a joint is too loose the figure can not pose, and if it's too tight you risk breaking the figure by forcing it. The only thing you can do with a tight joint is boil it.

Once I moved all the joints around I was pretty pleased that I only have an issue with one joint out of 23.

The Jacket on Grundy appears to be sculpted seperately and then added on to the figure, however it is not removable as it also appears to be glued via a peg (ala Superman's cape in DCSH line) to the figure.

However the detail that went into the figure is just stunning with rips and tears, viens in his arms and shoe laces on his boots.

I have not seen an offical price point for a loose Grundy but I believe it is selling for 40 - 60 dollars and damn worth every penny of that.

I'm not sure what more to say, but if you can hunt this C&C down I highly recommend it, besides Grundy is an Alan Scott villian and it's not likely we will see much more Scott villians any time soon.

After playing and posing him a little more, I have one complaint and that is his coat, the construction of his coat and how it has been added on to the figure makes his waist joint nearly useless you can only move that joint about a half inch which kind of pisses me off but other then that still good!

So do yourself a favor and go pick this bit of Molded Plastic up!

Molded Plastic Rating System (to be improved)
8's / 10