Today in the Hunt.....

I hit TRU, there they had nothing at all. They have put their Iron Man toys on clearance though and there is a Iron Man that comes with a car that in 6 inch scale, It is on clearance from 25.99 to 16.99 - I'll likely buy it take off the two stickers and paint it green so it will be a construct

I hit FYE which looks like it's getting rid of the DCD figures they carried as the 5 rows of pegs are now reduced to 1. However there was nothing I wanted there.

I hit Wal-Mart at 11:30, my Wal-Mart is a 24 hour store, and they drop pallets around this time so I will some times hit them up. Well I checked the toy aisle... still no DCUC stuff at all. I wandered over to the clearance section, where they still have the LCBH Conan 2 packs for 10 bucks now. I don't really have any use for them. so I head over to electronics.

As I passed by the door to the stock room, a guy came out carrying a pallet. I saw that there was a Marvel Legends case on the pallet. and as you know I Hunt for my buddy so I chased the pallet back down to toys where I had the woman open the pallet - very friendly lady - She pulled out a display of Legends which happened to be the Ares BAF Wave - for any that are interested (and they had 2 cases so I am confident on this) the Ares Wave is Wal-Mart Exclusive as the Red Hulk was Target Exclusive, here is the Case Ratio

1 - Guardian
1 - Vision
1 - Crossbones
1 - Kang
2 - Heroes Reborn Iron Man
2 - Ultimate War Machine
2 - Scarlet Spider
2 - Human Torch (each has a differant paint job but has the same BAF piece in it, both paint jobs where in both cases so it is not a true Chase Figure)

I left with the Guardian, Crossbones, Vision, and Kang for my buddy.

So Mattel I ask why do you hate me? I just want to buy your product but I can not find anything anywhere, I can always find Hasbro's Legends all over the place but DCUC from Mattel is like trying to buy Uranium or something is there a goverment coverup going on do the DCUC figures come with some radiation posioning forcing Mattel to pull them? Hell even led paint in a collector line is not a big deal.

Please Mattel stop hating your consumer and start giving us our toys!

Join me next time in The Eternal Hunt.....