Well it has been some time hasn't it? Life starts to roll by so fast with Work and my Lodges duties it's hard to get a moment to catch my breath. Anyway here are some more adventurs in toy hunting for your reading pleasure.

Last week in the Hunt....

I went to my local Walmart which I knew was in the process of resetting one evening and what did I see but the new Batman: Brave and the Bold toys, those toys while limited articulation and obviously for kids are awesome they all have snap on parts that you can mix and match (I have to get the Blue Bettle-mobile one of these days!) as I strolled down the aisle I spotted the familiar Mattel DCUC packaging - they had shelved a bunch of Infinite Heroes singles - none of which I needed but all of which I had never seen before and they had 4 three packs, including the Hard Travelling Heroes set - 2 of the HTH set actually

I spent some time studying the paint apps and picked out the one I wanted - both where the current Hal costume this time maybe I'll score the variant some day otherwise it will be eBay for me. I left a very happy GL fan.

The next day I went back and there next to the IH figures I left was an entire DCUC Wave 6 the Kalibak Wave - I scored everything except the Blue Superman and the Dr Impossible figures and built Kalibak!!

Then the day after I went back again and scored the Dr. Impossible figure

It was an amazing week of Toy Hunting to be sure!

Still having yet to see Wave 5 and not wanting the Regen suit Superman I contacted my favorite Superman-Lantern fan and made a deal Regen Sups for Amazo both loose.

Now I need to locate a Despero right arm and another GL fan helps me out, I need a Classic Cap Atom - another GL fan to the rescue and a Jason Firestorm? yet another GL Fan to the rescue.

You guys all rock, my collection is looking awesome now with your help.

Join me next time in The Eternal Hunt......