First off let me say I have been waiting for the release of SPACED since Shaun of The Dead came out. Seriousely 4 fucking years I have been waiting for this, and the wait was totally worth it!!

This series was great, from the first few minutes of the first episode I was on the ground laughing. The characters in this show were awesome, you really do care about these guys and connect with them on some level. There were so many reference jokes (I love reference jokes), like Tim burning all his star wars stuff after Episode 1. The special features are awesome as well, Deleted scenes, outtakes, music video, Trailers, original commentary, american guest star commentary, and a full length documentary (called "Skip to the end" which you should skip to the last two chapters cause there is a very sweet moment at the end).

Ok just a little review now in the imortal words of vulva "It's Not Finished... It's Finished!"