Even though the game hasn't been announced for the Wii, I couldn't help myself for posting about it. Enjoy.

Before getting into this post, I must tell you that I’m a huge Green Lantern fan. Forget Superman, and Batman; Green Lantern is the greatest of the DC comic book heroes. Before things get really nerd-ly out of control, let me explain. Superman is a whiny alien who stakes his claim as wanting to be human and wears a curl that hangs stupidly on his forehead. Batman is just a human who has a lot of money and time on his hands to create gizmos. Then Wonder Woman….well I can’t say anything negative about her really. If you read the comics, you’d know that she would cut you and not think twice about it. Which is appealing in a woman.

I’m of course joking, as I really like all of the DC heroes. But Green Lantern is definitely my favorite. The most popular Green Lantern was Hal Jordan, and is known as the man without fear (Alan Scott was the first, if you know your GL history). Which is why the character has always appealed to me. While Batman lives in the shadows using fear as a tool, Green Lantern gives the middle finger to fear and dives in head first. Also, Green Lantern to me has the most creative super power in all of comics. The green power rings are used to create constructs which are then used to fight with. I really need to stop, as I could go on forever. If you are curious about the character, here’s his Wiki page.

What you’re probably curious about is the video game itself. VentureBeat made the announcement, based on inside sources that leaked the news. Warner Bros. has officially declined the rumor, but VentureBeat stands by its sources. WB will be relying on the development company Double Helix for creating the Green Lantern movie-tie in game. There hasn’t been an official announcement for a Wii version, but I’d be really surprised if there isn’t one.

I’m really iffy on Double Helix as a developer. They created Silent Hill: Homecoming which I thought was a lackluster addition to the series. They’re also working on the G.I. Joe video game which acts as a tie-in to the upcoming movie. Which looks like all kinds of awful in itself. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.